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Win Your Sea Goats with Fantastic Gift Ideas

Capricorn season falls right before and even after the holidays. The holiday season is almost here, and so is your Capricorn friend’s birthday. But the question is, how to shop for a Capricorn. Let us help with these 9 gift ideas for a Capricorn. These no-nonsense sea goats (that’s right, we said sea goats) are known for their ambitions and hard work. So basically, they are always out to climb the ladder in their career and conquer the world, and also win at everything, EVERYTHING. They don’t expect trinkets from you; all they want is world domination!!!

Born between December 22 and January 19, Capricorns tend to go for ‘all work and no play’, but they sometimes need time to unwind. But they’ll never accept it.

Ruled by Saturn, the planet known for boundaries and structure, Caps also have massive big boss energy. They are probably drowned into detailed to-do lists, colour coded Google Calendar and a five-year plan. As per their cardinal signs, they are natural leaders. And as per their earth signs, they are concerned with worldly things and are grounded. They live in the here and now and do not dwell in the past or daydream about the far-off future.

Sounds too much? Well, fret not. We are here to help you with fantastic gifting options for your Capricorn buddies that are guaranteed to delight them.

Let’s See What They Are:

Get Them a Piece of Jewellery

Jewellery gifts for loved ones

There is nothing that a Capricorn will love more than some understated bling. A lovely pearl bracelet could be one of the best gifts you could get for your sea got a best friend. They will surely wear it all the time and adore a delicate and beautiful piece of sparkle. Also, they will never buy it on their own, so it’s best if you get it for them. Jewellery is one of the best and failsafe gift idea for a Capricorn.

Light Up Their Day with Scented Candles

Scented candles to calm your mind

As we said, Capricorns like to drown themselves in work. They are so much into planning and building their lives for themselves that sometimes they forget to take a step back and just chill. Well, the Capricorn person in your life may love to have some lovely scented candles around their house burning all the time to help them unwind from a day full of stress and hard work. Go for earthy and woody smells because that is more of their thing rather than strong floral smells. Also, this sweet little gesture of yours will serve as a daily luxury for them that will definitely never go unappreciated.

A Chess Set to Compliment Their IQ

Chess set as a gift for the intellectual capricorn

Looking for the perfect gift idea for a Capricorn? Capricorns are hungry for appreciation and validation. They have a geeky personality and love to call ‘playing board games’ their hobby. So, feed them with love and get them a sweet little chess and checkers set. If your friend is anywhere near to watching another episode of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, just know you are in the right direction. This modern take of yours on a chess set will make them feel challenged and competitive. That flush of serotonin is enough to gift for them on their birthday. Get them a nice chess board game because after playing this game, you will unleash their competitive side in a very playful way. (Also, ALWAYS LET THEM WIN).

Workout Wear for The Athlete in Them

Gym attire for the gym freak

Capricorns love to try their hands in every field. There is absolutely nothing that they will shy away from trying. It is this quality of theirs that makes them a perfectionist of all sorts. Their world domination sense can also be satiated if they feel like they have it all together (even when, most of the time, they don’t). A sports outfit will surely cheer them up for their workout sessions. They are known to be functional all through the day, and what is better than getting them a new item for their drawer that is useful and comfy. Gym attire is one of the best gift ideas for a Capricorn. They are comfy and can be worn anywhere casually.

Quench the OCD in them with Designer Coasters

Table coasters for the dining table

Yes, do not place the glass directly on their wooden table. That is not how it is done. Your Capricorn friends have this extensive need for keeping this up to the mark and where they belong. A little hint of OCD in them calls for coasters so that they don’t find round impressions of beverages on their tabletops. What better way to treat them on their birthday with a thoughtful set of coasters? In fact, you make it more personalized, and you can also get them custom coasters with their name on them.

A Skin Care Kit to Let as a Gift idea for a Capricorn

Skin care kits for the sea goat

As much as they like skincare, Caps will never admit so. But you know them pretty well by now, so getting them a skincare kit will be the best thing to go for, even if they act, they do not like it. Caps find it really hard to invest time in self-care, but your package of love dose in the form of skincare will surely motivate them to take care of their own self starting from their skin to wear off the stress of the day. A simple and basic cleansing, toning, moisturizing set up with a few beauty tools is enough for them to begin with.

Laptop Case (For Obvious Reasons)

Laptop cases for the hardworker

We don’t even need to explain why this would be a perfect option for a gift for your Capricorn person. Of course, they love to spend all their time in the workspace, and using their laptop is a part of it. So, it is pretty cool to get them something that they will use with all their heart. There are a lot of options when it comes to laptop cases. They are available in various colours and even materials. Choose a durable material in the colour of their choice and write them a ‘Happy Birthday’ getting alongside (to balance the formal gift with a cute and friendly note). They are surely going to love it and use it all the time for their laptop.

Cosy Fits for Work and WFH As Gift ideas for a Capricorn

Coats for the Capricorn friend/relative

Well, the timing of your Capricorn friend is between chilly winter days, so one way to wish them good times on their birthday is by getting them a cosy and snuggly sweater, jacket, or maybe a pullover. They will be able to use all these winter fits to upgrade their wardrobe (FINALLY) and wear them to work every day or simply lounge at their home in the same.

A New Friend = A New Plant

Plants as gifts for a Capricorn

Capricorns are known to be lovers of plants. They love things that resonate with nature and have an earthy feel to them. You can match their vibe and gift them an indoor plant that they will absolutely love and adore. Plus, having an indoor plant will give them some company at their home. They will finally have something to take care of other than themselves from their work and will surely add some colour to their otherwise dull apartment. Plants are the best gift idea for a Capricorn when you know they are soft hearted and love taking care of everyone and everything.

Gift idea for Capricorns – Coffee Mugs and Other Desk Essentials

Desk essentials as gift ideas for capricorns

Capricorns spend more than half of their life at their work desks. Yes, they do. So, get them something that will remain in their sight even when they are working. One thing that will surely take place on their work desk is a coffee mug. Being a workaholic, they will always have coffee to be their fuel on the go. So, get them a cool coffee mug that they can use when at work. You can also get them other desk essentials like paperweights, wall magnets, sticky notes, and more.

Weekly Planners to Get Them Going

Weekly Planner

Yes, the Caps are always up to planning something, be it their day, week, year, life, or world domination. A handy weekly planner that is colour coded and helps them put out all their ambitions onto paper is a great idea. Help them plan things their way in the most organized way with a planner that has sections for everything along with a nice pen, and we are sure they will forever be grateful to you for this wonderful surprise.

The Bottom Line

Capricorns spend most of their time working and working some more. That is why giving them things that feel challenging and useful at the same time are the only way to cheer them up on their birthday. Get hold of these beautiful and simple things for their birthday and wish them the best. Along with these gifts, don’t forget to send them your best regards with flower and cake delivery from FlowersnFruits.

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