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Summers can be hard for everyone, including flowers, because of the excessive sunlight, heat waves, etc. So, it is important to step up your flower care game so that your flowers don’t die due to summer heat. To help you out, we have listed down some tips to take care of flowers in summer that will help you understand how you can make a healthy environment for the plants so that they grow and flourish well.

Change the Water Regularly

Tips to Take Care of Flowers

If you keep the flowers in a vase, it is important to change the water regularly the vase so that there is no bacterial accumulation in the water and the water remains clean. This way, your flowers will not die out soon and will remain fresh for a long time.

A location With Ample Shade

Tips to Take Care of Flowers

Too much sunlight can also harm your flowers because it can make them dull, and ultimately the flowers die out. So, ensure that your flowers also get a cool and shady environment if you keep them outside so they can flourish well and bloom all through the season. Especially the flowers that are quite sensitive and have very delicate petals should be protected from the heat at all costs.

If there is a heat wave, keep them somewhere where they are protected so that the leaves or the petals don’t get affected by this.

Tips to Take Care of Flowers-Get Them Sufficient Sunlight

Tips to Take Care of Flowers

Along with a little shade, a dose of sufficient sunlight is also important for the flowers to bloom and get the nourishment they require. If the flowers are potted, you need to keep them somewhere where they don’t get too much or too little sunlight. Or if you can’t find a moderate place, you can place the flowers in the sunlight for some time and then remove them from that place and keep them somewhere in the shade.

While the flowers are kept in the sunlight, ensure you maintain the humidity in them. For that, you can take a spritz and spray water every few minutes on the flowers so that they don’t lose all their moisture and remain healthy even if they are under the sunlight. During heat waves, do not keep your flowers in the sunlight.

Flower Food is Important

Tips to Take Care of Flowers

If you are unsure which type of fertilizers you should give your flowers so that they remain healthy, you can consult someone who knows gardening and ask them about the flower food that your flowers need. However, fertilization and flower food are very important so that the plants grow well and the flowers bloom in optimal health. This is very important, especially in summer, because without the food, they will not be able to grow properly.

Tips to Take Care of Flowers-Water them Regularly

Tips to Take Care of Flowers

Watering the plants is one of the most important things to do for your flowers to remain healthy. If they are not well-watered, they will lose their moisture, and ultimately, they won’t be able to survive. When the temperature is high, the plants loses their moisture and begin to die if they aren’t watered.

Also, every flowering plant has a different type of requirement when it comes to watering. So, make sure you study well enough about it and then only water the plants accordingly because if you over water the plants, then also there is a chance that your plants will die, and if you give them less water, then also the same can happen. So, take help from someone who has the experience and can help you in a better way about how to water your plants efficiently to make them stay healthy and fresh for a long time, even in the summer season.

Wash the Vase Regularly

Tips to Take Care of Flowers

Again, if you keep the flowers in a vase for decoration purposes in your home, then while changing the water in your vase for the flowers, you should also wash the vase. The vase can also contain bacteria because of the still water in it, and that can harm the health of the flowers and infect them. So, you must wash the vase and change the water so that the flowers don’t get infected or die because of any bacteria.

Tips to Take Care of Flowers-Make Sure the Soil Retains Moisture

Watering the plants is important, but it is also important to check that the soil in which you have potted the plant remains hydrated. You need to seep the water through the solid to ensure that the soil has enough moisture that the roots can use while making their food and stay hydrated throughout the day. So, when you water the plants, make sure that you specifically water the soil and wait for the soil to absorb the water to ensure that it is moisturized.

Keep checking in a few hours that the soil does not develop any cracks due to lack of moisture. If you find so, water the soil again.

Remove Extra Leaves & Weeds from Flowers

Leaves that have been infected or are not green in color must be removed from the flowers. It is so because these infected leaves can infect the flowers which can cause the flowers to die out. So, make sure that you prune out any infected leaves. This practice should be done three days to keep the health of the flowers optimal. Weed should be removed from the stems and the roots of the flower plants so that there is no infection.

Tips to Take Care of Flowers-Cut the Stems Often

Cut the stems of flowers if they are kept in vase allows the flowers to absorb more water . Usually, it’s advised to cut the plants at a 45-degree angle. However, if you aren’t sure about angle, then cut the flower stems diagonally so that they can absorb moisture well.

Don’t Re-Pot During a Heat Wave

Heat waves can make your plants dry and increase their risk of death. That’s why it’s advisable to take more precautions in taking care of them while any heat waves are going on. So, repotting a plant during heat waves can disturb their water level, moisture, and soil health which affects their health as well.


As a beginner, it can be difficult to take care of your flowers in the best way. Even if you put all your efforts, there are chances that your plant might not last long. It is with more knowledge and practice that you will learn how to take care of your plants better. If you like having plants around in your house, you can order flower vases online in India from FlowersnFruits.

We are sure that you will learn to take care of flowers and they will last for a long time.

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