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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You say it best when you say it with flowers! The tradition of gifting flowers has been around for centuries. The symbolism attached to the flowers since the mythological era has been followed deep into the annals of the modern age. And even today, flowers express what words cannot. However, it important to be sure about the message you want to convey as a presenter, as these flowers connote different meaning when gifted. The symbolism of flowers is mainly derived from their characteristics, colors, and peculiarities. It would be interesting to know about the hidden symbolic meanings of flowers while gifting them.


One of the most exotic flowers and many a women’s favorite too, Orchids imply rare beauty, grace, delicacy, luxury, and strength. Orchids are one of the rare varieties which are available worldwide. When gifted, they send out a strong message of seduction. Moreover, it also says a lot about those who you gift it – they are wilder and have a degree of class attributed to them, as compared to those who would go for random flowers available at florists. Different colors of Orchids have different symbolism; for instance, pink Orchids stands for grace, femininity, and joy, while white Orchids stand for purity and innocence. Purple Orchids symbolize tradition, admiration, and royalty, and are often presented as a sign of respect.

Cactus Flower

Much to your surprise, varieties of Cacti, even those that bear spines, give out beautiful and vibrant flowers. These plants also have different types of symbolic meanings when it comes to gifting. Cactus is a desert plant, one of the basic meanings derived out of the plant is drawing inspiration from the emptiness of the desert. As the flower grows among horrible and relentless conditions, it symbolizes thriving despite challenges and makes an excellent gift to motivate someone. In the Western part of the world, the Cactus flower connotes chastity due to the presence of spines. Contrary to it, in the Japanese tradition of Hanakotoba, the cactus flower symbolizes lust and gifting it to someone is a way of expressing sexual attraction towards that person.


A sight of sunflowers can definitely make your day! And if gifted by someone, these ‘happy’ flowers are sure to delight and increase your joy manifold. That’s what bright, yellow sunflowers can do – uplift your mood and enliven your spirits. Often known as ‘happy’ flowers, Sunflowers symbolize warmth, adoration, and longevity. In some Native regions, Sunflowers are also seen as religious symbols, maybe because of their close relation to the supreme source of energy – the Sun, both in terms of looks as well as growth patterns.


One of the most elegant and classic blooms in nature, Tulips are one of the most popular flowers in the world. Their striking colors are what make tulips the most loved and easily recognizable flowers in the world. The flower, in general, is a bold expression of ‘perfect love’. However, every color has its own significance. Just like Orchids, purple Tulips symbolize royalty, while gifting red Tulips is a common expression of passionate love. At the same time, white tulips send out a message of forgiveness, while yellow tulips are gifted to spread cheer.


Mythologically, pink Carnations are believed to have arrived on Earth from Virgin Mary’s tears, which make them a symbol of unconditional love from an archetype such as the mother. Widely used on Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, Carnations hold a strong significance to a love and admiration. In general, they also stand for fascination and good luck. In America, pink Carnations signify, ‘I will always remember you’, while red carnations say, ‘my heart aches for you’; white Carnations are considered to be a good luck charm, and are best gifted when you want to wish good luck to someone. However, if you are upset with someone who is unpredictable and fickle-minded, presenting them purple carnations will convey your message, probably without hurting them.

Gerbera Daisies

Giant heads adorned by soft petals in psychedelic colors, Gerberas make a delightful sight. Their vibrant look makes them favorable for all occasions – pick any color and present to your loved one, and you sure are going be in their good books for the rest of your life!


Associated with Virgin Mary, Christians hold Lily as the symbol of purity, piety, chastity, and innocence. If history is to be believed, Virgin Mary’s tomb was decorated with Lily. Hence, the flower finds a strong presence at funerals – depicting that the departed soul has received peace and restored innocence after death. However, in China and India, the flower is commonly presented as wedding bouquets and anniversary gifts to symbolize happy reunion.


Roses are for every reason and occasion – commonly spotted in bouquets and the most celebrated on the Valentine’s Day, Rose definitely is an epitome of expression! Birthday, anniversary or any other celebration, Roses have been the ultimate choice to meet the requirement and needs of different types of festivities as well as people. Talking about the olden days, Rose was an inspiration for many poets and writers. Like the renowned playwright, William Shakespeare wrote: Rose by any other name would smell as sweet. However, every color of rose connotes different meaning, so it’s important to be well-informed before you gift one. Red Rose stands for love and romance, while pink is for affection, adoration, and admiration. White Rose symbolizes peace and new beginnings, while yellow is for friendship, joy and good health.


Enchanting is the word for the Iris flower, which can nearly hypnotize you with its beauty! Signifying faith, hope, and wisdom, Iris is gifted on various occasions. However, in Greek mythology, Iris was used to representing the connections with the heavens or the Divine.


Just plain and simple, ‘you are lovely’, is the tag attached to these sweet-smelling, milky white flowers – Gardenia. Often gifted to family and friends on various occasions, Gardenias make a welcoming sight. Hence, on many occasions or festivals, Gardenias are placed or gifted at the entrance or the main door to say, ‘you are welcomed here.'[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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