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Wedding preparations are incomplete without planning the honeymoon. It is the most awaited for the newly wedded couple to relax after months of exhausting from the wedding preps. This is why honeymoons are the best way to travel with your partner and enjoy new places without any worries. 

Planning the honeymoon is just as necessary as the wedding. You can add so many things to your honeymoon surprise list and take your preparations to another level. So, check out the best ways to make your honeymoon extra special and surprise your partner with your skilled planning. 

Make a List of Surprises Before you Reach the Destination

make your honeymoon special

Don’t wait till you reach the destination to plan your honeymoon surprises. Make a list of things you are planning to do on your honeymoon. Often, we forget some of the things in the excitement of travelling. So, to avoid that, plan out even small things like booking a taxi for your smooth ride from the airport to the hotel, making reservations at restaurants, and confirming your plans with the hotel to avoid any confusion later on.  

Plan Something Special for the Airport

Get a lovely gift for your partner. You don’t have to hold back until you reach your travel destination to make your honeymoon special. You can surprise your partner with a lovely treat at the airport. You can buy something that they can use during their honeymoon vacations. Your partner would not be expecting to receive a gift at the airport. So, this surprise will surely delight them. 

Book a Beautiful Suite

Usually, we don’t care much about the room when we travel because our main aim is to travel. But while you are on your honeymoon, everything matters. Give yourself and your partner a beautiful experience in a luxurious suite. But don’t forget to check the room before you make the bookings. While booking online, websites provide photos of every room, including the details of amenities and benefits involved with the room. So, don’t overlook any details. And if you don’t get what was promised, you have all the right to ask the hotel to change your room. 

Make your Honeymoon Special by Dining out at the Best place in the City. 

Assuming that you would like to stay at the hotel after you reach to rest and revive your energy to explore the city at night. Your first meal in the city should be special. Try out the most famous restaurant in the city and delight your partner with a lavish dinner. Sometimes, restaurants are prebooked for three to four days at a stretch, so there is no availability. This is why make sure to check with the staff before reaching your travel destination to avoid any hassle during your vacation.

Create a Special Memory

As honeymoons are the most special days after the wedding, why not create a special memory that you can esteem as a couple for your entire life. You can challenge each other to do something you otherwise won’t do. Go old school and recreate a movie scene in the middle of the streets of an unknown city among strangers. Explore what the city looks like at night. Plan a picnic beside a lake in a secluded corner and enjoy nature’s embrace. 

Try out an Adventure

There is a myriad of things that you can do! If you and your partner enjoy sports and adventures, don’t hold yourself back and try out a thrilling adventure sport. Go rafting with a bunch of strangers or set out a camp. Plan a sunset hike and give your partner a surprise at the golden hour. This experience will remain imprinted in your memories for life.

Make your Honeymoon Special with Flowers

Flowers are never too much. Pamper your partner with their favorite bunch of flowers. You can buy them a luxurious flower bouquet or a heart-shaped floral arrangement and create a wow moment. Flowers never fail to impress. So, you can always add them to your list of surprises to make your honeymoon special. 

Relax at the Hotel

Wedding preparations can be quite exhausting for the couple. It is always suggested to take ample rest before starting your adventurous trip. Staying in the hotel with your partner and spending quality time with them would be an amazing idea before you both are ready to set out to explore the city. Also, consider your partner’s needs. If they are not much of an outgoer and enjoy staying in the hotel, making a big list of travel plans will not be good. After all, you are a team! 

Find out the Most Romantic Place in the city

Another thing that you can do to make your honeymoon special is to find out the most romantic corners of the city. Do your planning before reaching the destination or ask the travel agents to plan a package of the city’s best and most romantic places. You can give them your suggestions too, based on your research. They will surely find out the best plans for you. 

Explore the Best Cuisines and Places

Honeymoon vacation is when you can wander around and explore new places without worrying about work, and also, you are no longer carrying the big load of wedding arrangements. So, why not enjoy your time looking for beautiful places and trying out new and different cuisines. 

Make your Honeymoon Special with Luxurious Spa Treatment.

Another best way to make your honeymoon special is to get a spa treatment. Treat yourself to a relaxing body massage and drench in the fragrance of exotic essential oils. Before visiting your travel destination, find out the best spa place in your destination city and make reservations. This way, you can enjoy the experience according to your convenience without hassles. 


Honeymoons are the most awaited vacations for any newlywed couple and the memories created during these days stay with the couple forever. So, don’t shy away from giving yourself a luxurious treatment during the vacations. After all, you just got married! Make your plans before reaching the destination to enjoy your stay without any obstacles.

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