5 Long lasting fresh cut flowers

We all buy flowers either to gift someone or to decorate our home. While flowers definitely add a certain fragrance and beauty to the home the effect is very short lived. Soon the flowers shrivel and you are forced to throw them away. In such a situation it is better to buy flowers which are more long-lasting than the others. Let us have a look at some of them.

Chrysanthemum – Also known as Mums there are many varieties of the same. Often people misunderstand and think that it is only the decorative style which we see in most florist shops. The flower has been bred into many designs, shapes and colours that it is difficult to identify which one is the best. If properly taken care of the Mums can last in a vase for up to 20 days. The spider chrysanthemum is unique and has a look which is much different from the button shape.

fresh cut flowers

Carnations – Another undervalued flower these can also last up to 20 days at a stretch. Though the variety of colour is immense the carnations are found only in two shapes. It is either smooth or frilly edged with a carnation. Not only that these are found in striped two colour versions as well. If you want to choose carnations for gifting pick up those which are gorgeous to look at and not the faded versions.

Long lasting fresh cut flowers

Alstroemeria – A beautiful yet delicate flower Alstroemeria can survive up to 14 days without any signs of shrivelling. Ranging from white, purples, pinks and yellows all of them have a striped effect which makes them look so distinct. To ensure that they stay fresh for a long time you should only buy fresh alstroemeria. If the flower you are looking at is showing any sign of wilting chances are you are dealing with a one-week-old pick.

Roses – This probably depends on the type of roses you have picked for yourself. Normally if taken care of a rose can last you for 7-10 days. If you pick roses from the garden then probably they are going to survive longer. This is because they have been freshly cut from the stem and instantly put in the water.

5 Long lasting fresh cut flowers

Dahlias – These are pretty long lasting flowers. However, remember that Dahlias will not open after they are cut. So do not pluck buds. Make sure the flower is open or partially open and then recut their stems and put the flowers in 2 inches of hot water. Later take them out and move to a vase of fresh water. Take care that you have removed any extra leaves clinging to the bunch.