8 Tips To save money On Your Wedding

Tips To save money On Your Wedding


A wedding is an expensive event. However, couples are not obligated legally to invest such big price tag for giving their relationship fresh shape with the commitment to reside together forever. Actuality, many couples do not like to invest that much.

It is highly recommended to follow the guidelines offered by wedding specialists and money experts. They are experts who guide on how you can cut costs and set an affordable budget for managing expensive aspects of your wedding. Here are 8 tips to save money on your wedding:

1. Be realistic: Many couples never see how much the wedding event will truly cost them. Instead, they end up losing the mark and setting a wedding budget which is very low, hence far over beyond their plan. This kind of situation will push couples under an extremely heavy debts burden. Starting a wedding in debt is surely not perfect because both the happiness and beauty of your wedding relationship are completely lost in repaying the debt amount for several months. Hence, considering each aspect of wedding is a right way to save more money.

8 Tips To save money

2. Smartly use the credit card: You can use your credit card to make wedding purchases. You can make the gather credit card points completely towards the honeymoon, particularly when you own a credit card with awesome and surprising travel benefits.

3. Book a Perfect Sunday: Even though Saturday is a highly preferred day for bridal function, it is commonly the expensive day for having your wedding ceremony. Possibly, you are availing the wedding venue reservation at very low cost when you select a weekend night or Sunday for your wedding. While Sunday is not a highly convenient choice for the guests, this day will surely save you more money.

4. Select a spiritual day: If you plan for a religious wedding, you can consider having the marriage near or on a popular holiday while the church or other place is previously decorated. It can enable couples to save more money on the flower decorations and others. While on remaining days, you can opt for simplicity. Actually, the candlelit wedding is gorgeous, romantic and inexpensive that it ideal for budget-friendly weddings. Additionally, a Christmas bridal is always wonderful.

5. Trim the guest list: Every time, you increase the name of your guest to the list of invitation, you are also increasing your wedding budget. Besides catering budget, the additional guest list also needs additional rentals, favours, centrepieces and much more. To save money, you can avoid welcoming any individual you are not in the communication for the last 5 years. Along with this, you can also save more money by selecting for eliminating the categories such as friends from the volunteer work.

save money On Your Wedding

6. Save Postage on the wedding Invitations: You can select sleek, simple cards for the wedding invitations in the normal envelopes. Rather than having any reply card, you can just ask the guests to reply online or by a telephone. There are lots of websites available to get the RSVP facilities. It is one of the highly preferred ways that not just save more money from expensive, bulky cards, but cut the postage costs too.

7. Opt for a reasonable drink and food options: You should always be very honest with your caterer regarding your necessity for saving money. You can ask the caterer for the affordable entrees. The caterer helps you to choose the cheapest option easily. You can also figure out if the caterers let you bring the own liquor. Better yet, you can consider serving water and tea rather than costly alcoholic drinks.

8. Cakes: You can order the small two-tier or one-tier cake and supplement it effectively with a big sheet cake. Additionally, you can also keep your add-ons simple. It is always beneficial to use the fresh flowers. You can try to avoid the sugar ones. Moreover, you can skip the most exotic fillings such as mango and guava.

If you want to make your wedding life peaceful and joyful, you can ensure that you stay mindful of your wedding investment. It is always smart to have everything more than the pictures while you begin to build a new life together.