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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Flowers have the ability to express the unsaid, in the most silent and beautiful way. A dramatic centerpiece made from flowers can do exactly that in the unique style. A floral centerpiece can be the showstopper in your house. Besides, it has the ability to enhance the aesthetics of your home and serve as a good conversation starter in your home! If you think that these floral centerpieces can only be glamorous if bought from a florist, you may be wrong. You can create your own if you wish to be creative. A lot goes into the making of a good floral centerpiece – a creative thought process, choosing the right colored flowers, opting for the perfect containers and topping it up with the right props. If you are able to create a floral centerpiece that would entice the onlookers then’ voila! You have nailed it!Follow these Guidelines for creating your own floral centerpiece and get ready to welcome your guests with a please.

Keep in the mind these points before you start making your floral centerpiece to make the task easier for you:

Points to be kept in mind while making floral centerpieces

  • A good centerpiece has the potential to set the mood for the occasion; choose flowers according to the theme, festival or the occasion.
  • Flowers, if taken from the garden, add a personal touch to the whole experience of creating a floral centerpiece. However, in absence of it, go for seasonal flowers available in the market – it will be lighter on your pockets.
  • Design your centerpiece keeping in mind the size and the shape of the table or the base it is to be kept on. For instance, a single centerpiece looks good on a round table, while a rectangle or a square table can have multiple centerpieces as it has more space in the center.
  • Make use of non-floral options to add an extra appeal to your centerpiece. Using ribbons, candles, glittery bows, stones, crystals etc. can enhance the look of your centerpiece.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for creating a centerpiece from your plants

Choose flowers according to the occasion

Before making desperate attempts to make an attractive centerpiece from plants, you need to be clear about the occasion you are making it for.

Welcoming the guests

If you are expecting guests and home and you want to make them feel special, flowers can do that for you! A bunch of fresh, fragrant flowers casually arranged in a crystal vase can go a long way. However, if you have time, you can pluck few fresh blossoms along with the greens from your garden and arrange them in an appealing way. A burst of colorful petunias, gerberas or carnations with a hint of a fragrance is quite welcoming and works wonders for your senses.

A brunch or lunch gathering

A plant centrepiece on a dining table can add a lot of value to your culinary skills. In fact, you can make a centrepiece, which goes with your lunch menu. For instance, if you are serving Italian cuisine for lunch, your centrepiece on the dining table can be a combination of herbs like parsley, basil, mint, and thyme. Pluck these from your kitchen garden or buy them from a grocery store. Plant them in tiny pots or shot glasses and arrange them in the centre of the dining table. Herbs have an added advantage of smelling great. Allow to your guests to pluck these fresh, organic herbs and garnish on the food for that extra flavor. Trust us when we say you shall be rewarded for your innovative idea!

Romantic candle-lit dinner

Red is inevitable when it comes to love and romance. If you are inviting your love for a romantic candle-light dinner, red roses or carnations would be the obvious choice. However, if you want to cut the cliché, try using the whites. The charm and beauty of white orchids or carnations, with a reflecting candle-light, is unbeatable. You can even combine the two shades for best results.

Baby Shower

A function like this is usually an indoor family function. This may give you a chance to experiment with your creativity and garner some compliments from the guests. You can select the flowers according to the gender of the baby. However, if you are clueless about it, combine and blues and the pinks, and see the beauty unravel its magic.


Weddings are a royal affair, and so the flowers have to be exotic. Roses have been the wedding parties’ favorite for years. However, experiments are always welcomed. If you are hosting a wedding party or entertaining guests during a pre-wedding bash, you have a wide variety to choose from. Rose, orchid, carnations, gerberas, daisy, can be an instant choice for your centerpiece.


If the occasion is funeral or prayer-meet, you have to be really careful while selecting the flowers. White is the color of peace, divinity, and purity. Hence, white carnations or pastel hydrangeas would be perfect for the occasion.

Flowers to be used to create attractive centerpieces

Fresh or cut flowers

Fresh flowers are the most common and obvious choice for making centerpieces. Hassle-free and time-saving, fresh flowers can be readily plucked from the garden or bought from the market. Plant centerpieces made from fresh flowers give out great colors and fragrance. However, it is important to use the right combinations of colors. Moreover, flowers have a lifespan, and so does the centerpieces made from fresh flowers.

Wilted flowers

Bouquets presented by loved ones always occupy a special place in the heart. They hold a lot of significance and sentimental value. So, the toughest part is to dispose of once they get dried up. But, you don’t need to do that anymore. These dry flowers or bouquets can be used for making rustic centerpieces, which can be used in your living room or dining table. You can either retain the bouquets in their original form or paint the flowers with metallic colors to give a little shine, glaze, and glitter. The biggest advantage of floral centerpieces made from dried flowers can stay for a longer time. In fact, if preserved well and repainted when required, they can continue to beautify your home forever.

Type of containers

Flowers are the showstoppers of a glamorous centrepiece. Hence, the containers you select should only highlight the flowers. However, as these containers form the base of a centrepiece, they definitely add value to the entire look. So, containers too, like flowers, need to be selected with extra vigilance. There are various types of pots and other containers available in the market and online portals. But if you wish to let your creative juices flow, you can create your own container to add that extra spark to your centrepiece. However, keep these points in mind before selecting the right container:

  • Select the container that would go with the flowers you are going to use. Too many colors in the container, as well as flowers, may dampen the overall look of the centerpiece.
  • Select the container that goes well with the interiors of the house or at least the base on which it is going to be placed. Avoid mismatches.
  • Make sure the size and height of the container is in sync with the table. A tall or huge centerpiece on a dining table will only act as obstruction while the guests are talking.
  • Select the container according to the stuff you want to place in it. A self-created papier-mâché pot may not be able to hold heavy stuff like wet soil or crystals.
  • Last but not the least; select a container that highlights the flowers and space around.

Ceramic or clay pots

Don’t underestimate their power of simplicity. Although they may look plain and simple, they have the ability to make your flowers look at their best. These days a wide range of ceramic and clay pots is available in peppy colors and beautiful designs. Select the right size and color to suit your requirements.

Hanging pots

All centerpieces have to be placed in the center of the table. Says who? Hanging centerpieces with colorful flowers popping out of the pots can be an impressive décor piece and can create a wonderful sight in the room. Hanging pots can either be made from cane or clay, which can give a rustic appeal to the surrounding.

Crystal jars

Transparent or tinted – crystal jars and bottles make great containers for your centerpieces. The biggest advantage of a bell jar is its width. Make the most of the available space by creating an entire miniature garden inside this jar. Add some soil, colorful tiny stones, moss and layers of decorative plants. If you have crystal bottles, add a creeper or a vine with blooms – half in and half out. Then, fill it up with layers of colorful sand or tiny stones. Add some water to leave the sand moist. Tada! You just made a perfect bottle centerpiece for your bedside table

Wooden Crates

If you have wooden crates lying in your store, you can make the best use of this waste by turning into a container for your floral centerpiece. Cover the gaps in the crate with the help of a cardboard or a thermocol. Add a dash of pretty pastels and enjoy the raw appeal it gives to your room.


This is something you can create on your own if you are well-versed with the process of making papier-mâché. Making and coloring the papier-mâché pots can be a good kids’ activity. Later, you can demonstrate a step-by-step guideline to make a floral centerpiece to them. Place them in the kids’ bedroom while they bask in the compliments from their friends.

You can use many other containers like a muffin tin, vintage wine glasses, an old bird-cage, the outside of fruits like pineapple and watermelon (once you use the fruit), colanders, old pitchers, paper bags, etc.

F n F Tip

Some containers can be reused after cleaning it with hot water, soapy liquid and scrubbing with a bottle brush. This will help to clean the containers of any fungus, bacteria or dirt.

Prepping up the flowers

Pluck, clip and clean – these are the three basic steps to be followed to prep up the flowers before you actually begin to design the beautiful centerpiece.

  • Pluck some fresh blooms from your garden along with some leaves. Keep the stem long when you pluck them. Later you can clip it to the size you want.
  • If you buy the flowers from the market, make sure they are from a fresh lot. You can check the edges of the petals to know if they are fresh or stale.
  • Once you pluck or buy the flowers, clip or trim the extra leaves and remove the thorns if any.
  • Sprinkle some cold water on the flowers to clean them of any dust, dirt or insects. Either towel-dry or leave them open for some time.
  • Put a small vertical cut on the stem to allow proper water absorption.
  • The way you clean the flowers determines the longevity of your floral centerpiece, so carry out these steps perfectly if you want it to last longer.

Prepping up the container

Once you are done choosing the right container for your flowers, prepare a base you wish to put or fix the flowers on.

  • If you want to give your centerpiece a professional look, you can use a wet floral foam or sponge to fix the flowers in it. Besides helping in holding the flower stems upright, the foam will help in absorbing the water ensuring a long life for the plant.
  • Coffee beans, sand, shiny crystals, bright tiny stones, are few of the other things you can use as the base.

Arranging the flowers techniques

This is the most important part of the process as the entire look of your centerpiece depends on the way you arrange the flowers in the container. An arrangement of flowers should be according to the look you wish to give to your centerpiece. It should look fuller yet not cluttered; vibrant yet not gaudy and simple yet not uninteresting. A lot depends on the style of arrangement like:

Oriental flower arrangement

The emphasis here lies on the lines in the floral arrangement. Hence, long stems and tall vases are chosen for such arrangement.

Traditional or western flower arrangement

Here the focus lies on the usage of many flowers as a mass. So, if you want to give volume to a low centerpiece, add bulky stems with larger blooms first. Later add some spikes or green ferns to add to the shape and depth. You can fill up the extra space by adding small flowers like baby roses or spiked flowers. They don’t take up much space; at the same time give a fuller look and the much-needed volume to your centerpiece.

Modern flower arrangement

Here, there is no specific set of rules. The arrangement totally depends on the designer or the creator of the floral centerpiece. However, it is more towards the oriental way than the traditional way.


  • If you are aiming for a high or huge centerpiece, keep the stems of the flowers long. Place them first in the container. Cut the stems of other flowers to shorten their length by an inch or two. This will give a hierarchical look to the centerpiece.
  • Light colored flowers are soothing to the eyes, while dark colored flowers add drama to the décor. Try to use the same shade or hues of the flowers, unless you are sure about using various shades and hues in one.
  • Flowers, without greens, may look incomplete. So, if you have not used the leaves of the flowers, adding a stick of fern or herb can do the trick.

Principles of floral arrangement

Also, to become an expert in creating floral centerpieces, you have to keep in the basic principles of floral arrangement:

Design: It is basically a visual plant of how you want your arrangement to appear. Clarity for the design will set the ball rolling.

Balance: The form and the color of should strike a balance; they have to be in sync with each other to create a visual appeal. Dark colored flowers give effect and volume to the entire look, while light-colored flowers are more suitable for the upper and outer portions of the floral arrangement.

Scale: Scale is basically about the proportions of various materials used in the floral arrangement. So, it emphasizes on the materials used to that of the size and shape of the container. In short, the scale of the material used should be very little compared to the flowers.

Rhythm: it is mainly about directing the viewers’ eye along the main line of the arrangement to make it highly appealing to them. It gives a chance to understand the whole composition of the floral arrangement.

Emphasis: It is the focal point of the floral centerpiece. The center portion of the arrangement wherein the flowers emerge is usually the focal point for the centerpiece. Hence, large and dark-colored flowers usually take up the focal point to attract viewers.

Harmony and unity: The different types of flowers used should blend with each other, and shall their colors. Also, the containers should create a contrast with their floral arrangement to be highly attractive.

F n F Tip

Flowers such as roses, carnations, gerberas, and chrysanthemums are popular because of their aesthetic appeal and instant liking by the people. These flowers are largely used in the flower arrangements for floral decorations.

Combine it with decorative props

  • If you have created a floral centerpiece for your dining table, add a tall, scented candle in the middle of it. This will not only illuminate the space but also will have a utility value.
  • If you are planning to place your centerpiece on a table in the gazebo of your garden, a vintage cage can come handy. Put a single centerpiece or a combination of tiny pieces and place them in a vintage cage on the table. It sure will attract eyeballs.
  • Putting a wooden-crate-floral centerpiece on a rustic cart artifact will change the way people look at centerpieces. You can be innovative and use your own prop that may go with the theme of the occasion or décor of your home.

Give finishing touches

Once you are done with arranging the flowers in a pot and adding the props, you are nearly done.

  • Give it a glance from all the sides to get an idea about the final look. Add a flower or two to cover up the empty space.
  • If you wish, you can add some glitter by adding a stick or two of wilted flowers. We mentioned about painting the wilted or dry flowers with metallic colors. Remember? This can give an antique charm to your centerpiece.
  • If your centerpiece looks too simple and plain, add a dash of color by wrapping a colorful or glittery ribbon around the container.

Finally, you are done with this much creative and extremely satisfying process of creating your own floral centerpiece. Trust us when we say that the entire process is extremely liberating. Besides garnering you some compliments, this floral centerpiece will give you a sense of achievement. Now that you have achieved what you want, you would not want to let go it… at least not anytime soon. So, you shall try your best to preserve this floral centerpiece and make it last as long as you can.

Make it last longer

  • Keep the centerpiece in a cool, dry place, away from the direct sunlight.
  • If you use floral foam, moist it every day.
  • Few drops of a soda can work wonders for your flowers. The sugar in the soda will help the flowers to last longer.
  • Hair or flowers, hairspray shows its magical effect on all. Spraying some hairspray on the underside of the petals and leaves will help them to stay erect without drooping.
  • Mixing apple cider vinegar with sugar too can help in the longevity of the floral arrangements.
  • Occasionally, spray cold water on the flower arrangement for making them look fresh and misty.


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