Best Indoor Flowers for Your Home

If you have a small home but you still want to make it look nature-friendly, choose the best indoor flowers. Just flex your green thumb and look for indoor space that do not require a lot of space. When selecting such plants, you need to ensure that all these plants require no sunlight but bright shade. Here are a few indoor plants that can add charm and character to your humble abode.
1. ZZ Plant- It is one of the best indoor plants that you can have for your home. It requires minimal sunlight, less water, and absolutely no hassle in maintaining them. It tolerates low light so you can put it in even a less bright spot of your home.
2. Red Aglaonema- It is a lovely and stunning looking plant with bright pink leaves and stems. It grows in low to bright light so any corner in your home will do just fine. When grown in medium light, its colours come out more nicely.
3. Rubber Plant- It is another amazing plant that adds warmth in your living room when placed in a corner. These plants need indirect, bright light. This plant needs watering only when the soil is completely dry. It is also a naturally air cleaning plant.
4. String of Pearls- It is a stunningly beautiful plant that looks best when in a hanging planter. Its cascading branches with pearl-like leaves look lovely. Many online flower delivery companies have them. These companies also deliver plants and flowers to Kolkata.
5. Sweetheart Plant- It is a heart-shaped adorable looking plant. Also referred to as Hoya kerrii, it is also available as a single leaf plant. It is an easy to maintain succulent that needs very little water. Keep it in direct bright lights for the best results. The best place is to place it on the window sill catching direct sunlight.
6. Anthurium- This plant has heart-shaped waxy leaves with a central prominent stamen. It needs watering every couple of days and fertilizers added to ensure its full bloom.
7. Bird of Paradise- Place this plant in a sunny, bright spot. It can also handle low level light. It is a very easy to handle and maintain plant that will surely bring a smile of cheer on your face every time you look at it.
8. Snake Plant- Popular as an air purifying plant, it looks lovely and elegant when placed in a corner. It requires less watering and is easy to maintain.
9. Kalanchoe- If you love bringing colour and cheer to your space, place a planter of kalanchoe on your table. It is a great mood booster and adds a lovely touch in the wintertime.
10. Peace Lilies- This plant grows well in low and medium light with a lovely white colour flower in the middle.
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