Best Stress Relieving Plants for Home and Office

In the modern age, when we have the luxury of enjoying some of the most high-tech gadgets and devices, mankind is also coming to terms with lots of negative aspects of digitization and the fast-paced life. Stress, anxiety, and apprehensions have become part of our lives causing headaches, sleeplessness and fatigue more so often now. Rising pollution levels, eating disorders, and lifestyle patterns are all to be blamed for this.

So, does nature have a way out for us? Yes, it does! Many stress-relieving plants have been identified by scientists and researchers, and even NASA, that have been found to have a positive effect on our mental health when kept in our homes and offices. If you wish to fill your bedrooms, living rooms and office space with positivity, then ensure to order these plants from the best online e-florists like Flowers N Fruits. This online florist is one of the leading portals for flower delivery in Noida.


Tulsi or Basil Plant

The Basil plant is considered to be holy and sacred in the Hindu religion. This plant has immense medicinal benefits too. The leaves of the plant have been used for ages in treating many issues of the physical body. It has also been found that the plant is very effective in treating mental health issues too like stress and strain of the daily grind. Research proves that the Holy Basil is an excellent anti-depressant and acts as an adaptogen.

While some bright colored blooms can fill your living and working space with enthusiasm, make sure that you choose to order for one of these selected plants when ordering for flower delivery to Noida


Lavender herb

This is one of the most popularly used antidepressants. The lavender oil is supposed to have such a relaxing effect on a troubled mind, that is used as a sleep-enhancer and anti-anxiety herb by many people, across the world. It is known to induce sleep effectively – a study conducted showed that with the lavender plant around, restless infants were able to sleep without creating any fuss. This herb is a must keep in your bedroom.


Jasmine Plant

The flowers of this plant have a strong scent that acts as a refreshing stimulus to the mind. The plant is known to help reduce anxiety levels. People experience peace and tranquility with the plant around them. This plant can be kept in the bedroom for its refreshing effects while it can also be kept in your office space because the plant has been found to increase alertness and cognitive powers of the mind tremendously. 

Order the best quality jasmine flowers in Lucknow along with a small herb-sized potted plant from the online platform, from reputed floral shops so that there is the assurance of the quality of the flowers and the plant.


English Ivy Plant

This plant has been found to keep away mold that causes asthma, allergies, and stress. Keeping the plant in the office corners helps alleviate the mood while keeping the fungus out of your way.

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