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Since it is your best friend’s birthday, you can not settle for anything less than the best surprise party! Although, planning surprises for our loved ones is the most challenging task. Don’t give up if you are running short of ideas and have exhausted your list of the best surprises. We have listed some innovative and unique ideas to plan the best surprise party for your BFF. Let’s dive in!

How to make BFF’s birthday extra special?

Plan the Party Theme

Deciding the party theme is the first step toward a great party. You can seek inspiration from popular shows and web series and give the best surprise party for your BFF. But remember, it is not about you, so consider your best friend’s favourites before deciding on the theme. Also, plan something that your friends can also participate in with ease. Instead of focusing more on the costumes, you can bring out the elements of the theme through unconventional make-up and decorations so that the guests can easily arrange for the theme in time. 

Pick the Best Location

Location is another important aspect while planning a party. Again make a list of your friend’s favourite cafes and places in the city. If you are booking a cafe or a restaurant, don’t wait until the last moment. Make your bookings as soon as you decide on the place. You can also plan the party on the rooftop of your house or your friend’s house. Rooftop parties are great as they are inclusive, and there is no outside crowd, so no one gets awkward. You can hang out with your closed circle at ease without feeling the pressure of outsiders. House parties are also a great option if you are on a restricted budget. You can easily customize your decoration at home according to what you like. 

Keep the Timings Right

Decide the party’s timings carefully, considering your friend circle’s office or college hours. If it is a working day, then the chances are that people will attend the party after they get free from their workplaces. In that case, plan your party timings considering that the guests will leave their office, get back home, and change. However, this doesn’t mean that you keep the party too late. It might again be uncomfortable for some people. Also, this party is a surprise for your best friend, so prioritize their timings. Choose the slot when they are most comfortable attending their birthday party. 

Plan Your Invite List carefully

Sometimes it is better not to call so many people and only include close friends at the party. If there is a party taking place, it is only fair that everyone is having fun. If people don’t know each other at the party, they might not feel comfortable interacting with others. So, include all the close friends who know each other. It is also an effective solution to help you plan a budget-friendly party. 

Brighten up the Party with your Friend’s Favourite Music Playlist

Music can make everything right. “Without music, life would be a blank to me.” This quote from Emma speaks for all of us. A party is not complete without music. So, don’t forget to make a playlist. It can be one of the most memorable aspects of this best-ever surprise party. Find all the songs that your friend enjoys or the songs with which you can associate some beautiful memories. Don’t depend on the cafe or restaurant staff to play songs for you. Go prepared and hand them your list of songs. After all, it’s your BFF’s birthday, and every moment should be special!

Don’t Underestimate the Magic of Lights, Decorations, and Food

Everything is important when it’s your best friend’s birthday. While planning the lights and decorations, you can make bold and innovative choices, but don’t forget to think from your friend’s perspective. It is their birthday, so don’t plan anything they don’t like. Also, it can make or break the party when it comes to food. Go through all the favourite dishes your friend loves the most and pick something from that. As you throw the best surprise party for your BFF, you have to pick your cake carefully. It’s a party, and you can go wild with your choices but keep away from things that your friend hates specifically. 

Make a Photo Collage of the Beautiful Memories you Share

You can surprise your friend with a lovely photo collage incorporating every best memory of their life from their childhood to the present. You can ask other mutual friends to collect their share of photos. This idea will transport your friend to the old and happy memories with you and other friends. It would serve as a great gift too. You can ask all your friends to write something about that memory or the friend. An added note will make the gift more special. 

Plan Interactive Games to Take the Party up a Notch

You can take this best surprise party up a notch by adding interactive games. Plan some games that everyone would feel comfortable playing. This will ensure a great time for all the guests and your BFF. You can get creative with a treasure hunt or burst into laughter at the funny moments of charades. Seek inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest to determine how you can plan the best games for the birthday party that also aligns with the party theme, if possible. 

Make a Short Video film about your Best Friend

Another great idea for the best surprise party is a short video film about your best friend. You can choose between the photo collage or the video to avoid repetition. Just like the photo collage, find out the best and most fun memories that you have of your best friend. Ask all of their close friends as well. Try to find clips if you have any. It would be more interesting. If there is some time left on the birthday, you can even employ your phone or camera and start shooting candid moments of your friend. They will all look really special when compiled together. 

The Party Should be a Surprise

The most important of everything is that this surprise doesn’t get revealed no matter what. While inviting guests, let them know that this is a surprise birthday party, and this should not be revealed. Try to act out as if you haven’t planned anything special this year. 

Birthdays are special occasions, and especially if it’s your best friend’s birthday, there is a lot of pressure and expectations. But don’t worry, you can throw the best surprise party for your BFF with just a few tips. It is not only about how grand your gestures are but how much thought you put into the party planning, considering the likes and dislikes of your friend.

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