Best Wedding Bouquets to order from Indian Florists

From romantic whimsical cascade bouquets to adorn your big day or you can use traditional hand tied bouquets to get the best results.

Your bridal flowers are such an important part for your wedding festivities. Therefore, it is important to pick the type of bouquet that will complement your overall look and theme perfectly. Thus, having the right Flowers Ahmedabad can be an excellent idea for your wedding day.

Flowers that you need to avoid on your wedding day

If in case, you wish to Send Flowers to Noida as a gift for your friend’s nuptials, you may wish to avoid certain flowers from the same. For instance – avoid poppies for the wedding bouquet or gifting as the pollen of the same can spoil your wedding finery and stain the same. Similarly, daffodils must be avoided at all costs as these can be toxic for other flowers in the arrangement. Again, their toxic sap can fade other blooms easily.

What is the cost of getting the best bouquet for the wedding?

The price of the wedding bouquet is an important consideration and the same in turn is dependent on a variety of factors. A lot depends on the type of flowers that you choose and deciding if you can opt to Send Flowers to Noida or to the place of your nuptials directly.

The cost of the wedding bouquet is dependent on –
● Kind of flowers
● In season or off-season blooms
● Size of arrangements
● Complexity of the arrangement

All these may raise the final cost of the wedding bouquet yet having the backing of an expert florist means that you have the right Flowers Ahmedabad for your needs.

Best Wedding Bouquets to order from Indian Florists

● Rose

Rose is one of the most popular and notable Wedding Bouquets to order from Indian Florists. Roses are the symbol of beauty and love. As a result, whenever in doubt, opt for the rose bouquet for your wedding. The all-star floral bloom of roses is one of the most popular way to impress your guests. You may opt for roses in solid hues, reds or pinks to coordinate with your wedding dress.

● Tulips

Tulips represent happy years ahead and is an excellent choice for your wedding bouquet. You can choose between pastels to bright shades to go with the dress. The same is affordable and elegant.

● Lilies

Another beautiful addition to your wedding day is white lilies or calla lilies. Depending on your choice, you may go for wide stemmed variants or other varieties that are less bold.

● Peonies

A bouquet made from peonies is gorgeous and can be used for your wedding day. You may need to have a look at the price tag before ordering these for your big day.

● Assorted colours

If you have the best florist to guide you through the right floral arrangements for your needs, you can get an assorted bouquet that will make your wedding dress look beautiful and elegant.

So, the moment you select a wedding ensemble of your choice, you can ultimately choose any floral arrangement that blends well with the occasion and its decor. Leading brands like Flowers N Fruits are known to provide high-end flower delivery across the country and can surely be the perfect choice for your big day!