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What is carnation?

The term carnation – the beautiful floral creation is termed as Dianthus caryophyllus. It is a historically rich flower, also named as the ‘flower of God’ or ‘flower of love’. Carnation has been well-appreciated for last hundreds of years due to its ruffled appearance, different shades, cloves, and extended blooming period.

Moreover, the meaning of carnation comprises contrast, fascination, affection, and love. These are more beautiful flowers than others and these have many twisted colourful layers. The dark red carnations used to convey a message of deeper sentiments of love and affection and the light red carnations expresses admiration.

Some Facts about Carnations

  • Carnations are endemic to Eurasia

  • Carnations express affection, deep love, fascination and distinction.

  • Carnation blossoms for a prolonged time even they are cut.

  • Carnations have different shades, colours, and shapes.

Carnations: The beautiful floral creation

 Carnation examples

There are different sorts of carnations having different shapes, sizes, and colours. Let’s highlight some the more lovable carnations and its significance:

  • Pink Carnation

The pink colour carnation is liked almost by all. It expresses a pure and deep emotion. It is believed that the pink variation has a significant history. It was blamed at the time when Virgin Mary wept for Jesus as he brought the cross of his crucifixion. Hence, the pink carnation expresses a mother’s love for her child. Moreover, the shades of pink carnation differ ruby rose to pale pink. Furthermore, the flower of pink carnations is gifted by the children to their mother as it evokes feelings of gratitude and appreciation.

  • White Carnation

The flowers with the white carnation are very appreciated and famous because of having a positive importance. It expresses affection, love, innocence, loyalty, and happiness. A bouquet of white carnation flowers is considered the best gift to present to friends, especially at the graduation ceremony. Apart from this, it is a perfect gift to present at the wedding ceremony because of having a significance of pure love, affections, and loyalty.

  • Red Carnation

The red carnation flowers are very beautiful as it expresses the symbol of love. It has different shades ranging from the light red to dark. Moreover, the dark red carnations used to convey a message of deeper sentiments of love, passion, and affection and the light red carnations express admiration.                                                                 

Growing carnations

The process of growing carnations is not so daunting. Once grown, carnations grow 18″ to 24″ tall and have around 300 species of Carnations. It has more than hundred hybrid varieties and each hybrid has a distinct colour such as white, red, green, pink, etc. moreover, the carnations can be planted in rock gardens, flower beds, containers, and borders.

The carnation is one of the flowers have a lasting life of 15-20 days. The fact is that growth of carnations doesn’t require a wide labour. While indulging in this process, the following factors should be considered:

  • Carnations require a direct sunlight at least for 5-6 hours every day.

  • Carnations don’t demand much of water. You have to be careful about this factor and never allow the soil to become so wet, otherwise, it will produce yellow foliage. It is recommended to spray water on carnations than a direct splash.

  • Carnations bloom in fertile and well-drained alkaline soil.

  • Carnations never require mulching. It needs adequate air circulation around the stems. Moreover, these should be free from foliage moisture.

  • Carnations require very limited manure. For this, Peat and Pulverized and decomposed pine bark are served as the best one.

  • The temperature requires to grow carnations is ranging from 41- 46°F at night and 50 – 59°F at daytime.Carnations: The beautiful floral creations

Carnation flower cultivation

A process of cultivation is done through three options:                                                                                                  

By cutting

In this, carnation is cut from the termination and should be four to six inches long. The cuttings are then put in pure sand. It should be noted that the cuttings ready for transplantation in 30 to 35 days.

By division:

One should grow the carnations by division. For this, dig up an overall clump with the help of your hands or gardening equipment. Then insert as per divisions and water it well.

By Seeds:

Another effective method of carnations is the use of seeds. For this, seeds can be sowed at least 1/8 inch deep. Once done, make sure the compost should be moist but not wet. After 3 to 4, the seeds will start germinating.                   

How to take care of carnations?

  • Make sure to take your carnations away from the insects and other diseases. If you will find any disease, it is advisable to treat it early with repellents or insecticides

  • Make sure to water carnations with spray because wet carnations become damage.

  • About the Carnation Flower and Plant

A single flower of the Carnation has 5 petals and varies from white to pink to magenta to purple in colour. The border Carnation cultivars may have double flowers with more than 40 petals. While growing in garden areas, carnations grow between 6.5 to 8 cms. Moreover, carnations are bisexual flowers and occur in one or two whorls, in equal number or twice the number of the petals. It has mainly three types:

  • Spray Carnations – it has lots of smaller flowers.

  • Flowered Carnations – it has one large flower per stem.

  • Dwarf flowered Carnations – it has several small flowers on one stem.

Carnations are very beautiful flowers created by the God. The different types of carnations are collected to make a beautiful bouquet. It is also a great substitute to decor the venue in a unique way. There are many flower specialists who provide the large variety of carnations even within a short period of time.

Carnations: The beautiful floral creation

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