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Brothers and sisters are undoubtedly the most important people on this special day. Raksha Bandhan celebrates that special bonding between brothers and sisters. They may fight whenever they are together. But when there is a difficult situation, it is a sibling who stands by you. There is no doubt then that this event must be celebrated in the best possible manner. We must show our siblings how important they are in our lives & the best way to celebrate rakhi is by doing things with your brothers and sisters. 

It is not necessary to confine your rakhi celebrations to traditional formalities. We live in the modern age, and so many social changes are happening around us. So We should try to incorporate these into our celebrations too. We must also try and make the day happy for everyone around us. 

Celebrate Rakhi With The Other Bhaiyas And Behanjis

Aren’t there many people we call “bhaiya” and “behenji” in our daily life? Don’t we address the sweepers, cleaners, maids, servants and vendors as brothers and sisters? Isn’t it only correct that we treat them as one? Go out with your sibling and tie rakhis to those who sweep the streets. Give sweets to the vendors who toil in the hot sun so you can get your daily needs at your doorstep. Present gifts to those who work on the streets without having the luxury of celebrating the day with their sisters and brothers. 

Celebrate Rakhi by Changing The Mindset Of People


There are so many things that many find intolerable even in these days of modern and liberal thinking. Acceptance of those belonging to the LGBTQ community is still not as widespread as we wish it to be. One must strive to bring a change in the lives of these brothers and sisters who still remain marginalized in society. Take your siblings and look for these people. You can find them in many places like traffic signals and toll booths. Celebrate rakhi this year by tying rakhis and giving gifts to them. 

Make Rakhi Celebration Fun For The Less Fortunate Kids

We see many kids belonging to the financially weaker sections of society. We see them every day but mostly choose to turn our heads to the other side. Share happiness with them this Raksha Bandhan. You could assemble them in a nearby park and tell interesting stories from our past. India has a rich history of brave kings and queens. You could narrate these stories to these less fortunate brothers and sisters. Giving them sweets and gifts will make their rakhi celebration memorable. It will also make others look at these kids with more compassion. 

Treat These Friends To Some Rakhi Goodies Too

It has now become very common to see most households having a pet. Dogs, cats or any other animal or bird are treated as lovingly as the kids in the house. In most families, these creatures enjoy a life of luxury. But what about their siblings who are left on the roads? Most of the street dogs and cats have to settle for leftovers. Sometimes they are forced to forage for food in dustbins. Show your love to these animals by giving them the pet food that you feed your pets. 

Make Your Rakhi Celebration Green This Year


Everyone knows that the most valuable beings on this planet are trees and plants. Without them, it would be impossible for us to survive. They help us breathe fresh air. The vegetation around us keeps pollution away. But most of the time, we don’t care about them or their health. There are so many parks around us where the trees and plants are not cared for properly. Celebrate rakhi this year by clearing weeds from your surroundings and giving plants a healthy life. Tie a rakhi around them and undertake their care and protection. 

Make Rakhi Celebrations A Way To Healthy Living


You might have taken care of everyone in society, but you cannot forget your own family. Their health is very important. Nobody can stand the sight of any close relative falling sick or leaving us too soon. You can make a huge difference in their lives by taking care of their health. Healthcare is very expensive, and a serious illness can take away all your savings. Celebrate rakhi this year by providing health insurance to those who cannot afford good treatment if they fall sick. It could be a close relative or someone with whom you may not even have regular interaction. 

Empower Your Brothers By Teaching Essential Skills


Everyone aspires to attain higher positions in their jobs or business. Many of them don’t possess the necessary skills to reach their goals though they have the potential. You can find them in every office or shop. It would be a great gesture to teach them the expertise they need. Make this rakhi celebration an opportunity to pay for courses that can empower them to move forward in their work. One can have no better joy than seeing someone you helped achieve a high position in their career. 


Isn’t Raksha Bandhan all about hanging out with your siblings? All the above activities allow you to spend quality time with your brother or sister. It is not necessary to sacrifice any of the fun while doing something useful for those in your society. Gifts are part of any celebration, and you can find all you need to make rakhi celebrations a grand one at FlowersnFruits. We have the freshest flowers that can bring a smile to anyone’s lips. You can find different varieties of cakes perfectly baked by our expert bakers. Our combos of flowers and chocolates can bring joy to your eyes and mouth.

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