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When we were kids the only chocolate that is still fresh in our minds was the Dairy milk. Despite other brands, this was the chocolate that was very popular thanks to its taste and brand history. People of all ages would fall in love with this marvel and it pleased kids and elders alike. For many years Dairy milk thus kept ruling hearts before it decided to experiment with its taste and offerings. That was when Dairy Milk Silk was introduced just to see whether the customer is ready to accept any kind of new changes in their favourite product. The result was on the wall and the people quickly accepted Dairy milk silk as their own. Let us read why Dairy Milk Silk got thumbs up from the customers.

Taste – Well it definitely tastes much better than the old Dairy Milk. Once you put it inside the piece of chocolate does not take much time in dissolving. What is more, the taste is exquisite and very rich. It reminds you of a heavenly flavour and people just cannot resist eating more and more. The quickness with which it melts in your mouth is something that is popularised through the advertisements as well. The people who saw the ads and tasted the product realised that the claims made were actually true. It wasn’t much time before they moved to their priorities from Dairy Milk to Dairy Milk Silk.

Freshness – Often when we consume a chocolate after some time it loses its freshness and the taste also gets affected. However, the Dairy Milk Silk retains its freshness after a long period of time as well. Not only that each time you pick up the bar to eat you will realise that the taste is the same as the first time you ate it. This is probably due to the high-quality ingredients used in making the chocolate. One bite and you are transported to a mesmerizing world of taste and flavour.

Gifting purpose – Love is a beautiful feeling. Generally, a person who is in love wants to gift his lover the best he can. Dairy Milk silk was shown in the ads as a perfect gifting alternative for all such people. Truthfully also girls who got this gift of love from their husbands or boyfriends found this gift as the perfect way to express their love. Not only that even sisters and close relatives can be gifted the Dairy Milk Silk and no one ever questions your intentions.

Dairy milk silkBrand value – Even before the Dairy milk silk was introduced in the market the brand was already established. People had already accepted the brand as one of their favourite chocolate brands. They were quite used to consuming Dairy milk as their regular chocolate. Once the Silk came into the market people made an effort to accept it as they knew Cadbury would never give them something which was low on quality standards.

Quality standards – When there is a high-level brand associated with you people know you can never compromise on the quality offered. Even the brand sees the trust people have in it and tries its best to match up to it. The Dairy Milk Silk passes through many quality checks which ensure that the final product that goes to the consumer is never failing in any form. This is also the reason why so far no bad news about the Dairy Milk silk has been heard.

Advertising – When the silk was introduced the makers made sure to keep an advertising which would touch the hearts of the viewers. Thus the Dairy Milk Silk was shown as a perfect gifting alternative when you are in love or plan to profess it to someone. Not only that many advertisements also showed it as a method to come close and spend some quality time with the person you are in love with.

Dairy Milk Silk has won hearts and how. People all over the world relish the chocolate and even use it to express their love and affection to someone special. This bond with Dairy Milk Silk has grown much strong and that is why people do not even bother about its high price level.

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