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Christmas will be here before you know it, and all your money will be spent on Christmas decor and presents, right? Well, not necessarily! If you have the time and will to put in some effort, we have some ideas to help you create stylish and seasonal Christmas decors for yourself. This will help you save a ton of money (and have some fun in the process too).

We have tracked down a list of some fantastic eye-catching DIY Christmas decor ideas that will indeed deck your house and add cheer to each and every corner of your home. Christmas is the right time to let your creativity shine, so work your way through our list of Full-on Festive DIY Christmas Decor Ideas that will suit your budget and aesthetic and set up your house for a gorgeous Christmas celebration.

DIY Christmas decorations

DIY Christmas Decor to Transform Your Home into a Winter Wonderland

Glam it Up with Fairy Lights

Christmas Decor for the room with fairy lights
Teen bedroom nicely arranged

To give your house a festive feel, it is so important to add some brightness to it. What better way to do it than a bunch of colourful fairy lights? You can add these lights onto anything and any corner and make it look enhancing. One way to do so is to take used glass bottles or jars, roll up the fairy lights and add them inside the jars and bottles. Then you can place these bottles and jars on your wall shelves, centre table, and all the corners of the room where you want some light to pitch in. These fairy lights look great even in dim light settings and create a vibrant feel for all your Christmas parties.

Work on That Door for this Year’s Chirstmas Decor

Decorated house door for Christmas

Your door is the primary thing people come across if they visit you during the festivities. So, to make your door look Christmassy, you can add a little colour to it to make it look festive. You can use Christmas themed garlands such as green, red, silver, golden, etc. and knot them together to create a spiral of colourful garland. These garlands spiralled together look very pretty if placed around the perimeter of the door. Add these around the entrance and even the surrounding walls and windows to put yourself and others into ‘Christmas Party Mode’.

Candle Jars for Perfect Dining

DIY Christmas candles

Instead of purchasing new candle jars, have a beautiful dinner setting with homemade candle jars for your guests. This way, you can also use the old glass jars that you have lying at home. The best way to use them is by placing floating candles in those jars and putting them around your dining table to have a great dinner party with your friends and family members. You can also decorate these jars with colourful ribbons, glitter, or stickers to make them look more lovely and decorative. Also, instead of the regular candles, you can opt for scented candles to make the setting more festive. This Christmas decor is perfect if you plan to have a fancy dinner with your ‘special someone’.

Ice Cream Sticks Snowflake

DIY by making snow flakes from ice cream sticks

We all love snow themed decorations for Christmas in our homes. Well, instead of spending way too much on making your home look Christmas ready, you can go for this basic DIY décor with ice cream sticks. Paint the ice cream sticks in different colours and let them dry. You can also cover them in glitter to make them look more sparkly and festive. Then place these sticks close together and stick them with glue in the shape of a snowflake. Once the glue is dry, and the snowflakes look put together, place them on a light-coloured wall in your home, preferably in your living room, to make the place look perfect for Christmas. We are sure your guests will be pretty impressed with your craft skills!

The Holiday Card Wall

A wall full of pictures for Christmas decor
Mother decorating for birthday

We all have some greetings from our childhood days that we still savour. Well, it is time to bring out the big guns for this Christmas. Dedicate one of the walls in your house to old greetings and photographs to light up a conversation with friends and family members when they come to visit you during Christmas. These cute photographs and greetings cards will surely make them feel nostalgic and remind them of the good old days of innocence. If someone gets new cards on the day, add them to your collection to make it look more fascinating.

Personalized Gift Wraps for Guests

Custom gift wrapping for guests on Christmas

Instead of wrapping Christmas presents in plain gift paper, make it personalized for your guests. You can add a little name slip on the gift wrap along with a few Christmas stickers to make it look more adorable. If you have a nickname for your friends or family members, then you can add that as well. However, instead of simply writing the name with a pen, you can cut out the initials of their name from a newspaper or an old book and stick it on the gift wrap to make it look more attractive and pretty. 

In fact, you can print out a small passport sized photo of them as well that shows a memory of you and them and stick it on the gift wrap to make it more thoughtful and personalized. You can place all these gifts under the tree, and without even having to say it, the guests will be able to find their presents by looking at the photo. Surely, they will appreciate the effort and thought that you put into the gift wrap.

Christmas Decor – Tree Ornaments

Decorated tree with DIY ornaments

For this years Christmas Decor, Instead of buying Christmas ornaments for your tree, you can use the things you have at home to create sparkly toppings to make it look festive. If you have some balls lying around your house, you can use them to decorate your Christmas tree. Collect all the old balls that you have of various sizes. Poke a hole in them and attach a string so that you can hang it on the tree. Cover the balls in glitter paper or shiny gift wrappings to make them look Christmassy. You can also get those plastic stars to decorate them and add glitter powder on top to enhance their look. Tie these Christmas balls on the Christmas tree.

You can also tie these to various windows at home and stick them to shelves if you have any at home to decorate all the areas of your house for Christmas.

Old Socks/ Stockings Wall Hanging – Christmas Decor

Socks hung by the fireplace in the living room waiting for Santa Claus

One tradition of Christmas involves hanging socks or stockings on the walls or doors. You can do that too in your house and even decorate various places in your home with it. All you have to do is to take some old socks and tie them together with the help of a string, streamer, or maybe a colourful ribbon. You can then add the letters ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ to the socks to make them a wall hanging. Put this wall hanging at the entrance of your home or on one of your living room’s walls where everyone can see it. If you have a staircase inside your house, then this decoration can amp up the railing of your staircase as well. 

Wrap Up Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves

Family spending time together baking on Christmas
Mother with children in the kitchen preparing Christmas cakes

If you have glass doors, shelves, and cabinets at home, then you can revamp their whole look by covering them in coloured papers that are printed in the theme of the festival. If you cannot find printed coloured paper, then you can make them at home as well. Take plain chart paper, colour it red, green, and blue. Make white coloured circles on the paper. You can also go for a different design in red and white, red and green, green and white, and so on. Tape up these colourful papers on the inside of the cabinets and shelves so that these can be seen through the glass. Doing so will uplift the entire look of your shelves and cabinets and add a hint of ‘X-Mas’ in it.

Final Thoughts

If you have the slightest hint of craftiness in you, these ideas will surely make you want to deck up your home with Christmas decor. Along with Xmas ornaments and greetings, another way to spruce up your celebrations and parties is getting gifts for your loved ones. Exchanging gifts is an old school tradition for Christmas. It is a way to express your love and affection and share Christmas greetings with gifts.

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