Easy DIY Hanging Planter That Will Add Beauty

Hanging planters can change the look and feel of a home instantly. You can choose to hang the planters at the porch, verandah or terrace. You can also add the hanging planters to the living room or even the bedroom. Space is not so much of an issue, as long as the plant gets the right kind of sunlight and is watered as required. Going in for DIY planters is a great idea to improve the aesthetic look of your place.  

Two things are crucial here – one, the quality of the plant and two, the look and ergonomics of the DIY planter. For the first part, ensure that you choose to order the plant from the best online floral shops. The likes of Flowers N Fruits are good to go with – this florist is not only good for flower delivery in Chandigarh, but also for stocking up fine quality and variety of indoor plants and herbs.

Recycle a birdcage as a planter

The plus point of the birdcage is that it is already tuned for hanging – so you need not have to work separately to make arrangements for hanging. Just use a rope of preferred size, plant your favourite herbs or shrubs and tie it up. If the cage looks a little old and has dents etc., it will add to the rustic look.

Coconut shells as planters

From nature, the shells look attractive when done the right way. Since the space is limited, you can choose to plant succulents and small-sized plants inside it. Decorate or paint the outer surface or leave it as it is, make holes to tie a rope, plant the small plants and hang it up to give a sea-side coastal look to your place.

Order pots online

Choose a reputed online florist in Chennai to order for some colourful, creatively designed and shaped pots. Then use colourful twines and ropes to make your patterns on the pot and hang it up to create a different looking outdoors and indoors at your home or office.

Convert your standard pot into a hanging planter

If you have lots of plastic or terracotta pots lying around, used and unused and you are looking at ways to reuse them, you can choose to change their look and use them as hanging planters. All you need to do is spend some time, painting and repainting them – colour them and adorn them with some durable embellishments and hang them up to transform the décor interestingly.

Order for wooden hanging planters

You will easily get some of the good-looking wooden frames and wall planters from online shops. You can also order from an e-florist that has a separate category for plants and pots. While browsing for flower delivery in Chandigarh, browse through their pots segment and you are surely going to find some attractive choices. Ordering from a top-notch florist means that there will be a guarantee on the product quality. Wooden planters can be used indoors or outdoors to give an eco-friendly look to the place.

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