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About Mother’s Day- How did it all start? 

Mother’s Day is the day for all of us to show our mothers’ love, gratitude, and appreciation. Everyone across the globe celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May to express their love for the mothers and all those women who have been supporting and are important in their lives. 

Although our love doesn’t have to wait for this one day to reach out to our dear mothers, this day gives us an excuse to make special gestures and create lovely memories with the most important women in our lives. 

Mother’s Day seems like a modern concept, but in reality, it dates back to the times of the Greeks. This day originated with honoring all the mothers throughout the world, and later it got established as an official day by the 28th President of the U.S., Woodrow Wilson. So. celebrating Mother’s Day has been a great tradition in Europe for ages, and now the whole world observes this day to honor mothers. 

The Origin and Significance

The credit for the origin of Mother’s Day goes to Anna Jarvis, a social activist who devoted her life to peace and humanity in society. Her mother, Ann Jarvis, wanted to establish a day to honour all the mothers who work hard every day to better their families and society

Anna Jarvis, her daughter, took the first step forward by conducting a memorial service for her late mother in her home church at Grafton, West Virginia. This initiated a series of events that ignited the desire to observe Mother’s Day, first in the US and then worldwide. 

The main purpose was to celebrate and honor motherhood and show gratitude to all the women who put in great efforts for the sake of their families and all humankind. Many countries observe a national holiday on this day, and others mark the day by sending gifts to their mothers and cooking tasty meals as a gesture of appreciation and love. 

Trivia about Mother’s Day. 

  • Mother’s Day is the most famous day for buying and sending flowers. 
  • The origins of Mother’s Day date back to ancient Greeks and Romans.
  • Carnations are associated with honoring mothers on their day. White carnations are symbols of gratitude and respect for the deceased mothers. 
  • The UK will be celebrating Mother’s Day on 27th March in 2022. They celebrate it on the fourth Sunday of Lent, also known as the Mothering Sunday. 
  • Forty-six countries celebrate Mother’s Day around the globe. 
  • Mother’s Day is a great day for restaurants as most people take their mothers out for lunch and dinner. 

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day Celebration!


A scrapbook is a creative way to keep all the memorable photos together. It is a delightful gift that takes you on the memory lane to revisit all the special events and memories in one’s life. You can create a digital scrapbook with the help of online photo editing tools and then get it printed. But if you have time, you can make it yourself to add a personal touch. 

Tips to make a scrapbook: 

  • Don’t feel shy while using colors and glitters. 
  • Cut your photos in different and attractive shapes.
  • You can use maps or printed papers as a background to your photos. 
  • You can even add notes and envelopes containing amazing stuff to remind your mother of a specific moment. 

An Inspiring Collection of Books

Books are the greatest gifts for any occasion. If your mother has a passion for reading, then consider gifting her favorite novel or non-fiction books that make an inspiring read. Try discussing books with her to find out of she has been interested in a particular book lately. 

Mother’s Day Gift – DIY Art

Another thoughtful idea for this Mother’s Day would be gifting her a DIY art made by you. How about palette coasters made with wooden ice cream sticks, a printed photo blanket, fabric flowers, etc. If you are good at painting, then don’t hold yourself. Make unique and attractive designs on plain bowls or other surfaces. Your art will always remind your mother of your love.   

Shower Steamers

Shower steamers are a perfect way to give your mother a spa-like feeling in her shower. The shower steamers are infused with exquisite fragrances and essential oils to give you a relaxing and refreshing bath. 

Flowers and Cake

Flowers and cake are the best gifts for every occasion. You can pair your flower bouquet with a delicious freshly baked cake to perfect your day. Pick out your mother’s favourite flower arrangement and gift her this Mother’s Day. If you are unsure which are her favourite blossoms, you can do online research to find out her birthday month flowers. She will be delighted to receive a symbolic gift on this occasion. You can order flowers online from FlowersNFruits at any time of the day to receive fresh and vibrant blossoms at your doorstep without any hassles. 

Tickets For a Theatre Show

If your mother has a craze for waiting for theatre and loves art, she would love this gift! Make this Mother’s Day more special by gifting her the tickets to her favourite theatre show. You don’t have to make it a surprise gift. It would be better to discuss all the shows with her before booking the tickets to the show. This would show your consideration, and she should not feel obliged to go to the show. 

A Fully Sponsored Weekend Getaway

Give your mother the experience of solo travelling if she has never been before. You can arrange everything before she leaves for the trip. It would be a refreshing experience for her, giving her some time off for herself. Or it doesn’t have to be a solo trip. Maybe she wants to spend some time with you and her family, so you can take her on a weekend getaway. It will give you a great chance to be alone with her. 

Mother’s Day Gift – Book Her a Spa Day

Mothers spend a huge part of their life taking care of their children and family. So, this Mother’s Day, book a spa session for your mother and let her relax and enjoy all day with herself. She deserves the luxurious treatment, relaxing body massages, and the soothing effect of essential oils. 

Organic Beauty and Skincare Products

Another great gift idea would be to gift her organic beauty and skincare products. It becomes essential to take extra care of our skin and hair with growing age. The cosmetic range available in the market today is loaded with harmful chemicals that lead to serious skin diseases. So, gifting her organic products will enhance the health and beauty of her skin without causing any harm.

Mother’s Day Gifts – A Pamper Box

You can make this Mother’s Day special by gifting her a pamper box. Write down in a list all the items you think she would require, like comfy socks for winters, picnic blankets, cookies, nuts, or a silk hair wrap to protect her hair and reduce their fall. So, think of all the things you can pamper her with and add them to the box!

Mother’s Day Gifts – Jewellery

Jewellery is a great gift, and every woman loves it. You can gift her symbolic necklaces or bracelets. If she likes customized jewellery, there are many options available for the same at online and offline shops. You have to place your order a few days prior. 

If you are looking for a unique option, you can go for Resin jeweler. Everyone loves flowers, and there is a wide range of resin jewellery available that looks more attractive and unique and keeps you closer to nature. Shopping websites like Etsy provides their customers with many options for customizing their jewellery according to their birthday month flowers. So, you can do your research and find the best option available. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a simple but most popular way of expressing love. You can get a customised Mother’s Day gift card or a blank one to write about your feelings in your own words. There are many unique gift card options available at online and offline stores. 


The ritual of honouring mothers has ancient origins in different parts of the world. In Greece, people used to celebrate a festival for Goddess Rhea and the Phrygians for goddess Cybele. In India, Durga pooja is observed throughout the country, and it is one of the grandest and most vibrant occasions in the country. So, Mother’s Day celebration is not a new idea. Express love and respect to your mother by gifting her unique and thoughtful gifts to make her a special day. 

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