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While looking at the different shapes and colours of flowers, the first thing comes to our mind is how beautifully  has god created it. Even it is tough to replicate the exact shades and shapes of flowers on canvas. Apart, giving us the beautiful fragrance and fresh look, the flowers are very significant part to get a glowing skin. Might be, this statement is puzzling, however, flowers are considered the best natural ingredients to experience a soft, smooth, and fair skin. In   brief, flowers are worthwhile and fill our homes with beautiful aromas. Now it’s time to think ahead of its beauty and fragrance and let know in this article how do flowers brighten up your skin naturally? flowers properties , and how to apply it on your skin:

Flowers & their properties

The fact is that flowers have been used for medicines for last thousands of years because it has worthwhile properties. The scientists discover a lot of remedies for flowers you even not think.

How do flowers brighten up your skin naturally?


Roses are very beautiful flowers, love of all. It has delicate petals and these are used to create a syrup which is rich in vitamin C, use to get relief from a cough and cold. Apart from this, roses are highly recommended for relieving joint pains.


These beautiful purple colour flowers have a great use while making perfumes and face washes, especially used for acne. For last many years, lavender has been appreciated to assist sleep and is still advised by the doctors.


Marigold flower is a part of the daisy family and highly recommended to get rid of minor wounds. As per the modern science, it has various types of glycosides which are considered as anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and antiviral. Moreover, the petals of this flower have great properties which help to make skin conditions.


Chamomile is another healing plant used in teas for digestion. It acts as an anti-spasmodic for healing the properties such as indigestion, stomach cramps, etc. It is also useful to treat a plethora of common ailments.

Evening Primrose

As per the research, it is revealed that evening primrose has very useful properties such as healing depression, decline prostate swelling, and balance hormones. Moreover, its oil is very helpful to balance female hormones and improve circulation of the blood. Because of having fatty acids.

Uses of flowers

The flowers are used for the different purposes. People mostly assume to use it for decoration purpose, but in actual, it has wide uses. Let’s highlight some of the uses of flowers in our daily life:

For decors

Flowers are basically used for the décor purpose. Either there is a big event or a small get-together, flowers play a significant role to hike up the overall beauty. Its fragrances and different shapes, sizes, and colours immensely influence the viewers. Some people use dry flowers or petals for a more lasting decoration. Some people use to make bouquets by adding the different flowers and present to their guests. Moreover, some flower lovers use to decor some colourful flowers in a bowl of water on their tables.

For Medicines

Apart from giving us a beautiful look, flowers are widely used in medicines. It has been used since ancient time. As discussed above, flowers have a wide role in medicines. According to doctors, gargling with honeysuckle essence is used to get relief from a sore throat. The plum flower petals are used to cure diarrhea and cough.

For Aroma

The aromas of flowers are extracted and used for aromatherapy and perfume. The fragrances of the different types of flowers like lavender, rose etc. are used to turn the room into a pleasant smell.

How do flowers brighten up your skin naturally?

For Honey

Honey is an ingredient used in many recipes to turn the taste of the dish delicious. It is used to eat raw to treat a cough. It is a good ingredient to add to face pack as gives an instant glow. The fact is that the honey gets from the flowers. The flowers produce nectar to attract bees and bees in turn use this nectar to produce honey.

How to apply the flowers on the skin?

A very few people know about the fact that the flowers are the best ingredient to apply on the skin. Anyone can use it to get a skin lightening and whitening at home. Some flowers are even used to experience a glowing skin. It even removes acne, pigmentation, and dark spots. To apply flower face pack, it is recommended to buy the fresh flowers easily available in the market. Let’s find out how to apply flowers on the skin?

Marigold Flowers

Marigold flowers are very beautiful and very useful for the skin. To make a face pack, one should easily get it from the market. It is available in two colours, light orange, and light yellow. For making the face pack, it is recommended to remove the petals and soak it in a hot milk for around an hour. After this ground, it well to get a fine paste. Then lastly add vitamin E or some other essential oil and apply it on your face. Once removed after 20 minutes, will experience a glowing skin.

Rose Flowers

To get a soft and pinkish skin, just apply a rose flower face pack on your skin. This face pack turns your skin flawless because the rose petals assist to beautify the skin complexion and tone. To make this face pack, just soak the rose petals in hot milk for around 3o minutes. Them smash it properly and apply on the skin for a few minutes. Make sure to use this rose flower mask at least twice or thrice in a week.

Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine flower petals are used to boost skin tone and radiance naturally. It is a good option for the dry and sensitive skin as well. To make its face wash, boil its petals for 10-12 minutes and then apply by adding Multani mitti to get an instant fair. These flowers are available at any flower seller, therefore, use the fresh petal to make an effective face wash.

Cassia Flowers

The cassia flowers face mask is very useful to get a flawless skin even in the 50’s. It will be better to get it fresh petals to make a face pack. If you have skin problems, make sure to use this flower’s face mask twice in a week.

Lotus Flower

Being a national flower, the lotus is well-appreciated to get a glowing skin. It is even used in many skin care creams. The linoleic acid available in its petals is very useful for skin care. To make its face pack, boil its petals in water for some time and then apply on the skin. After 20 minutes, you will experience a glowing skin after getting rid of acne and pigmentation.

Hence, flowers play a crucial role in our daily life. It offers us multitude benefits with long-lasting effects. To use it, make sure to buy the fresh flowers from any reputed flower seller. The fresh flowers give instant benefits and even for a prolonged time.This is how you flowers can brighten up your skin naturally? Just try these fantastic tips & Go Glowing!!!

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