How flowers decrease virus symptoms?

It is one of the best seasons in India, this time of the year, with spring and blooms walking hand-in-hand into our lives. But, life being uncertain, we are all facing the wrath of a grave illness, the novel Covid-19, which has forced all of us indoors. With social distancing and lockdown becoming a regular part of our lives now, and the medical fraternity rigorously looking out for a drug to combat the pandemic, it is no doubt getting stuffy, stressful and depressing.

Not to worry – our dear friends, blooms and flowers, from the best online florist in India, Flowers N Fruits are here to take care of us – mentally and physically. This is the right time to send flowers to Noida to a dear one to let him or her know that you wish them good health. As the lockdown seems to be finally paying off and there are hopes that it is going to get eased soon, flower delivery in Pune is expected to start sooner letting you get in touch with your friends and family, virtually at least! With a colourful and sweet smelling bunch of flowers, you can let them know that they are in your prayers always!
Till the time world leaders, pharmaceutical companies and medical researchers are giving their best to come up with a solution fast, we can choose different floral species to keep our spirits high and not let the virus defeat us mentally or physically.
A. Flowers light up our private space; they keep us positive and hopeful
We are all aware that surrounding us with green houseplants and flowers can help in decreasing stress levels. Various scientific studies have shown that the scents present in flowers help in alleviating stress. Under the present circumstances in the country and the world, it is natural to get depressed and frustrated leading to the weakening of our mental and emotional faculties. When we are mentally and emotionally down, our immunity system gets affected adversely and it becomes easy for any disease, any virus or bacteria to enter our bodies and cause havoc. Hence, one of the best ways to keep ourselves healthy and in the pink of our health is to fill our living space with this gift of nature – flowers like lavenders and jasmine. Choose to send flowers to Noida to a friend or a family member who seems disturbed and sad during this time. Blooms of the best quality will have an instant effect on the person, arousing all his positivities and enthusiasm back again!
B. Choose flowers for their medicinal effect
Some flowers have proven benefits in terms of their nutritional powers and are highly advised for boosting innate health of the body. Hibiscus flower or Elderberry juices, for example have been proved to be extremely beneficial with respiratory-related diseases like flu. Send these lovely white blooms to an elder or a young companion through online flower delivery in Pune informing them about the therapeutic effect of these lovely dainty flowers. There are numerous other such flowers like Echinacea, the juice of which helps strengthen the immunity system.
Flowers help fight the virus with vigour and dynamism

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