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Indoor plants have become quite common these days. More so, ever since NASA has come out in favour of the plants and proved that some of them are great air purifiers and some affect our physical and mental health positively. Keeping plants at home and offices also mean that you need to take good care of these plants. While watering them and using fertilizers is one aspect of keeping these plants fit and healthy; the other aspect is about picking the right pot for the plants.

When choosing the right pot, make sure that you follow these tips. Thanks to the growth of the online platform, there are many specialized e-floral shops today that act as the perfect one-stop solution for all flower and plant-related needs. There are few credible florists online from where you can order for flowers delivery to Jalandhar, while also ordering for plants and pots. Make certain that you choose only sites that have a proven track record for quality and fast deliveries. Choose a floral shop like Flowers N Fruits that house a wide variety of floral species, as well as choicest indoor plants and pots of varying shapes, sizes and colours.

Tips for choosing the right pot size for your indoor plants

  • Always remember that the plant size and the pot size should be kept in sync – otherwise not only will it look odd; the plant’s health will also suffer because of the space available for it to grow.
  • The commonly available pots are made from either plastic or terracotta. Each has its characteristic and you need to consider the type of plant that will go into the pot. before choosing the material of the pot.
  • Plastic pots are lightweight and economical. They are also available in different colours. They should typically be used for potted plants that need less water to grow and survive and also suffice when the pot needs to be hung or the plant is a climber variety. Terracotta, on the other hand, is heavy and should be ideally used for plants that need to be watered regularly, as well as will be kept on the floor. The best part is that you can order for either type of pots from online florists along with bouquet delivery in Hyderabad. Consider the size of the pot before buying one. Large-sized pots will dry up fast while small-sized pots will not allow the roots to grow well. So, the choice of the pot size has to be done wisely.
  • When changing pots, you should go in for a similar size pot, that the plant was originally growing in.
  • If the plant has grown bigger and you need to change pots, choose a pot that is at least 2 inches larger in diameter than the pot the plant is currently residing in.
  • Plants that tend to grow fast, should be placed in bigger pots. Plants that are slow on growth are good to go in small-sized pots.

Order the best pots from the right florists online that have a credible reputation of flower delivery in Jalandhar.

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