How To Plan An Eco-Friendly Wedding in India?

‘Go Green’ is becoming trendy in all aspects of our lives. Indian weddings are typically events that you see people spending tonnes of money on the décor for creating memorable moments. You can choose to go in for a green wedding or an eco-friendly wedding instead of using the policy of recycling, reusing, and reducing and creating your own distinct mark on guests and everyone.

Flowers have always been an integral part of Indian weddings. You can increase the usage of flowers, potted and hanging planters to make your event eco-friendly. You can choose to order flowers from an online florist or a flower shop in Lucknow. Either way, choose a shop that sources the flowers and plants from the best nurseries and gardeners. For flowers in Lucknowyou can choose to order from Flowers N Fruits, a highly reputed online floral shop for housing a range of choicest fresh flower species, plants, and pots.

Planning an eco-friendly Indian wedding

  • In India, it is customary to give wedding favours to guests. For an eco-friendly wedding, use seeds and saplings as favours. Order for some good-quality ones from an online flower shop in Lucknow.
  • The wedding cards can be e-cards while the gifting can be wrapped up in jute bags and paper sheets.
  • You could make tree plantation an obligatory part of your wedding arrangements. Every guest that walks in can plant a sapling at the venue – doing this will help you enjoy your wedding in the right way as you will include Mother Nature in your plans.
  • Another way of keeping things simple and minimalistic is to go in for a day wedding where you get to use the light from the sun for your celebrations. This way, you help cut down on the use of fuel and electricity, helping save energy.
  • Consider associating with an orphanage or an NGO to donate the extra food rather than letting them go to waste. If you plan all this before-hand, you will have a satiated feeling by the end of the day.
  • Choose to use flowers and plants, not only as decorative pieces but also for showering blessings on the newly married couple. Dried flower petals are one of the most eco-friendly materials that do not cause any degradation to nature. You can pre-book and pre-order from a flower shop in Lucknow for the flowers in Lucknow.
  • There are incense sticks that are made from flower petals – these sticks can be used for all religious customs at the wedding.
  • Mehendi and other ceremonies where colours are used can be herbal – thereby making all associated events eco-friendly too.
  • A lot of the décor at the venue can be done up using recycled items. Besides making the event soft on nature, it will also be unique and different from other weddings, giving guests a diverse kind of experience. Using recycled and reusable items will make the décor rustic and countryside; which is another great way of keeping your wedding exclusive and exceptional.

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