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Living a long distance from a person can be frustrating, but what is a true love story without obstacles? So, if you are staying away from your loved one, you don’t have to feel bad. Any bond of love has a heart-to-heart connection. And you sure have got it. With all the doubt and crankiness, it will fade away. Instead, support your relationship and your partner. Being in a long-distance relationship may not be easy, but it will surely enhance the beauty of every little gesture in your relationship. You and your loved one together make a beautiful pair, and you sure don’t want to ruin it for some extra distance. 

Just like that quote from Fleabag, when the Priest says, 

“Love Isn’t Something That Weak People Do. Being A Romantic Takes A Hell Of A Lot Of Hope.”

Hope is everything. You have to stay patient and never stop making efforts like sending online flowers to them. If you wonder what you can do to maintain the same spark in your relationship, read on. Here is what you should do to stay emotionally together with your loved one-

Make Sure that You Communicate Enough

Couples on a Video Call in Long Distance Relationship

Communication is the key. When you live apart from someone you love, the essential thing that would keep you close to them is communication. No matter how busy you get, or they get, set aside some time to talk to them. Imagine living in ancient times, when the only mode of communication was some bird carrying a letter. (well, it could’ve been a regular postman, but who knows!) Our heartfelt chit-chats reach the other person in days, and if any misunderstanding occurs, anyone could die waiting in exasperation. Here’s when the technology comes in handy. 

But not anymore. You can now send messages anytime you want and make calls whenever you get time. However, it’s not that simple. We often expect the other person to initiate the conversation. Because we don’t want to look so desperate in need of talking to them. But we forget that the other person might be expecting the same from you.

If both of you keep waiting for the other person to make more efforts, it will only set you apart. You entered this relationship knowingly that it won’t be easy. So why back out now. Talk to them daily, tell them how your day is going, and keep in touch with them to know how they are feeling so that none of you feel lonely. You can even surprise them by sending flowers online!

Tell them How Grateful You are to Have them in Your Life

Showing Love to Each Other in Long-Distance Relationship

Let them know that you are over the moon to have them in your life every once in a while. Don’t be shy in giving out compliments. Tell them about all the things you love about them. Don’t hold back even the tiny little things that always bring a smile to your face. 

You could tell them that you love the sound of their voice or the way they make you laugh. You are happy about how understanding they are, and they have supported you through everything. They deserve to know how much happiness they have brought to your life. You can even send them flowers online every once in a while to express your love. Talking about one’s problems and sorrows every time can make a relationship monotonous. Appreciating each other’s qualities and strengths will bring cheer to your relationship, and saying these things aloud will make you more firm about your feelings towards that person. 

Remind Each Other of Your Goals

Talking / Reminding Their Goals

You being in a long-distance relationship has to have an important reason. It might be working in different cities, attending a distant school, and preparing for exams. Well, whatever the reason might be, it sure is essential. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have chosen to stay apart in the first place. 

Remind each other why you decided to be in a long-distance relationship. Encourage each other that, unlike a lot of people, you didn’t give up on your relationship and had the courage to stay together even when circumstances drew you apart. 

When you discuss all of this with your partner, it will rejuvenate new energy in your bond and will surely make it stronger. You will gain more respect for each other for how you didn’t leave the side of love even while pursuing a career or whatever the reason might have been. Your fondness will surely grow for each other, and you will be fueled to take up all the challenges in your relationship. 

Set Out Virtual Dates

Having Virtual Dates in Long-Distance Relationship

Dating is the best part of any relationship. That’s when you take time for each other and do things that make both of you happy. It might be a romantic dinner, dressing up for the other person, or watching movies together. These things are on top of the list that we miss the most while staying apart from each other. 

But long-distance relationships don’t have to be gloomy at all. Don’t stop doing the things you could’ve done while living together in the same city. Technology has made it so much more convenient for us to accomplish almost everything we desire. So talk to each other and decide a day, when you both are free for a romantic date. Dress up on your virtual date like you usually would have if you would’ve gone out with your partner to a fancy place to have dinner. It depends on your vibes together.

Decorate your room with fairy lights, make the ambiance more soothing with tealights and have dinner with your loved one. It would be a great way to show them that the distance between you two doesn’t count. It can not set you apart. You can even watch your favorite movies together and have fun. If you miss bringing flowers to their place, then you can send online flowers to them and make them feel special. You will miss the touch of your loved one, the tight hugs, and the smell of hair but all of these things will become precious and hold more importance when you meet each other in person.

Don’t Let Doubt Creep in

Creep Inside in Long-Distance Relationship

Sometimes the routines get busier than usual, and it gets challenging to keep in touch. It is normal and happens to everybody. At such times, you mustn’t lose your patience. Lack of communication leads to fear and doubt, and you should not let that happen. Remind yourself of all the good times you had together, and don’t forget that your loved one had always supported you when you needed it. So now it’s your time. Don’t fall apart and let doubt win. Stay confident in your relationship and give it some time. 

When things are not going in our favor, our minds spiral down to the worst-case scenario: they might be cheating or don’t want to stay together anymore. If you feel very low about your position in the relationship, talk to your partner. Don’t halt communication, whatever may happen. Leave them messages and let them know that you are uncomfortable in the current situation. And then you can sort it out with a mutual decision. Just remember to give them their space, they might be dealing with a lot, and they need you to be understanding. So, stay calm. If you pass this test, your relationship will eventually come out stronger than ever.  

Send them Gifts and Flowers

Flowers For Her

Long distances tend to reduce when your loved ones receive fresh and blooming flowers along with fabulous gifts. Send online flowers to them and let them know how special they are in your life. 

If both of you are stuck in something essential, and it’s been days since you had a good conversation with your loved one, then this is your chance. Look for unique gifts they might require or mention in a conversation earlier. And send that across to your loved one. They would be delighted to receive it. And if you cannot think of a gift, then don’t worry, there is a worthy substitute. Send online flowers to them and let the magic work. They can press those flowers against their heart and feel your warmth. 

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