Know the Importance of Flowers in Indian Culture

Most of us know that India is a land of diversities. However, very few are aware that India is also a land of colours. Flowers of various colours and contrasting hues are widely available in the Indian subcontinent. In India, flowers are a pre-requisite for most occasions. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, or anniversaries, flowers are special giving an added dimension to these events. If you are staying in Chandigarh, you must have been acquainted with the buzz of spiritual significance and the medical uses of flowers. The business of flower delivery in Chandigarh is rapidly growing over the years.
The Significance of Flowers in Indian Culture
Flowers form an indispensable part of Indian culture. The importance of flowers in Indian culture can be listed as under:
a) Spiritual significance: Though we give flowers to others on special occasions, most of us are not familiar with its spiritual significance. Flowers symbolize purity, generosity, and strength. When we catch the glimpses of fresh flowers blooming, our mind becomes relaxed and free from all sorts of complications. Here the positive effect on the viewer can’t be denied. In Indian tradition, the lotus is the flower that is associated with Brahma and Vishnu. Without a lotus, the worship of Goddess Saraswati and Lakshmi is incomplete. Besides lotus, flowers like Plumeria and Star Jasmine are also integrated into Indian culture.
b) At weddings: The importance of flowers is mostly felt at weddings. A wedding devoid of flowers is unimaginable. Flowers are necessary for every phase of a wedding ceremony. Initiating from stage decorations to bridal makeup, fresh and elegant flowers impart both artistic and aristocratic touch to weddings. In most cases, rose, marigold, and jasmine are the preferred floral choices when it comes to a wedding ceremony. The extravagant Punjabi weddings are embedded in diverse floral decorations. No wonder, why the business of flower delivery in Chandigarh is likely to stay in the years to come.
c) As a gift: Flowers as a gift is an excellent choice even in this age. There is hardly anything in the universe that represents human emotions accurately as flowers. Conveying your love and feelings for others get the best with floral gifts. Differently colored flowers if placed rightly can make any event glittery. It also sets the tone of the occasion. However, all flowers are not appropriate for every occasion. You need to be precise in your floral choices for the best outcomes.
d) Medical uses: Like medicines, some flowers also have healing properties. In Ayurveda, it is mentioned that fresh flowers have a significant role to play in curing a patient. It will not be an exaggeration to say that in some cases it works better than medicines.
e) Attire: Last but not the least, many Indian women especially in the South prefer to have a chain of jasmine flowers on their hair. However, this trend is mostly driven by religious beliefs.
Flowers are not just considered as an object of beauty and fragrance but also as food for the soul. The spiritual and medicinal uses of flowers often go unnoticed but this should not be the case. Indian culture has a lot to do with flowers beyond considering it as a decorating item or as a gift.

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