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A rose bouquet is one of the most precious gifts you can give to someone you love and deeply care about. Without even giving a second thought, you can send roses to someone to make them feel special. For every special occasion, a bouquet of roses works like a charm. One can never get tired of receiving or giving bouquets out of love and affection. Plus, you can give roses to anyone you care about, including your friends, family, life partner, etc. But did you know that the number of roses you give to your loved ones also holds a meaning? The number of roses has different meanings, and we are here to tell you about them. Now get to know what these various numbers of roses & their meaning before getting them for your special ones.

1 Rose

Giving one rose to someone means that you fell in love with them at first sight. However, if you give some a single rose after years of being together, it means that you want to say ‘you are still the one’.

2 Roses

If you give two roses to someone, it means that you want to show mutual love and affection towards them. It means that the two of you are happy and enough for each other. You are happy in your little world and don’t need anyone else to be happy.

3 Roses

Three roses depict the three magical words you want to say to someone: I love you. You can give three roses to anyone even if you are not dating them or they are not your life partner. To anyone you want to say I love you, these flowers are the best way to do it.

5 Roses

Five roses are given to express extreme emotions and give greater sensitivity to your special someone. So, the five roses depict five words: ‘ I love you very much. You can give these roses to anyone you want to express these feelings. This makes the perfect gift for your close ones on their special days, such as birthday celebrations, anniversary parties, and many more important days.

 6 Roses

This is a combo of emotions towards a person you love and care about. Now you can tell your favorite people you love them and miss them with six roses. These six roses depict the following six words ‘I love you, and I miss you. It is that easy to express your love towards the people you care about.

7 Roses

Seven roses mean you want to say, ‘I am infatuated with you.

9 Roses

Nine roses mean you want to stay together as long as you live.

10 Roses

Ten roses depict the following words ‘you are pretty. You can give ten roses to someone you want to compliment about how they look and how they are as a person.

11 Roses

Eleven roses depict what you want to say to the other person, ‘you are the treasured one’. These roses are helpful if you want to assure someone that you are deeply in love with them. You never want to lose them and always want to stay with them.

12 Roses

With twelve roses, you want to ask your partner to be your steady. No matter what ups and downs come in your life, they are the only people you don’t want to be left without. You always want them by your side no matter where you are or what you do in life. They are your constant, and you want them to remain the same.

13 Roses

Thirteen roses are for friends. They can also be given to a person you have a crush on to declare your true feelings towards them.

15 Roses

These roses are given to a person when you want to say I am sorry. You can apologize to the person you care about with these roses and hope that they forgive you.

20 Roses

These many roses depict that you are sincere towards them.

21 Roses

Twenty-one roses depict that you want to commit to them.

24 Roses

These many roses show that they are always on your mind. 24 hours a day, you think about them, one rose for every hour.

36 Roses

To remind someone of a romantic moment, you give them 36 roses.

40 Roses

To show genuine love, 40 roses are given to the person you care about and love.

44 Roses

You give 44 roses to someone to pledge that your love will never change for them.

50 Roses

A bouquet of 50 roses shows that it has been a long time since you have been with another person and that your love has ripened well. You both don’t regret your relationship and are happy with each other.

99 Roses

To tell a person that you will love them till the day you die, 99 roses are given.

100 Roses

Show a person that you are devoted to them with 100 roses. It signifies that you both are two loving souls. Nothing can do you apart except death.

101 Roses

Tell your special someone, ‘you are my one and only, with 101 roses.

108 Roses

Planning to propose to your love? Do it with 108 roses.

365 Roses & Their Meanings

Three hundred sixty-five roses depict every day of the year and that you love your person every day of the year. Your love is constant and true.

999 Roses & Their Meanings

To show your love will last till the end, you can give 999 roses.

1001 Roses

Show that your love will stay on forever, and you will always be faithful with 1001 roses.


These are some meanings behind the number of roses you give to your close ones. If you are planning to give roses to your special ones, you can order roses online in India from our website, FlowersnFruits. We have an impeccable range of roses in every color that you like. You can order flowers online in India easily from our website.

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