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At some point in our lives, we all feel lost when we can’t seem to find our purpose or understand in which direction we should go. Also, sometimes it may feel that you have your purpose defined, but it is hard to determine where to start and how to achieve it. Facing obstacles in various areas of your life is quite common. You may not feel completely satisfied where you are in your romantic life. Work-wise, or in the best state of your health. However, we are not here to talk about the problems you are facing but to help you in tackling those problems. This is where we tell you about the purpose & Benefits of Gemstone Trees.

Have you ever heard about gemstone trees? You may be surprised to know that keeping a gemstone tree in your office or your home can help you in overcoming the problems we just mentioned. Before going any further, let us understand more about what a gemstone tree is.

About Gemstone Trees

Gemstone trees are also known as Feng Shui trees. Setting them up in your home or workspace can help you feel more satisfied, balanced, and harmonious. It allows your life to flow freely and in a more content way. The tree is believed to bring positive vibes to a person’s life and is considered to have healing properties. The gemstone trees have the ability to bring into your life the feng shui cure. This allows positive energy to flow in your life and make a difference.

If you feel that the energy around you or in one of the areas in your life is not flowing properly, then you can add a gemstone tree and let its magic crystals give you just what you need in your life. This tree is believed to bring more harmony and balance in the difficult areas of your life without any issues. Let’s understand how you can use the gemstone tree and reap the benefits it has to offer for your betterment.

Benefits of Gemstone Trees & How to Use It

Before you learn the Benefits of Gemstone Trees, you need to clearly understand the meaning and importance of this tree. You need to accept that every person is different, and the effects the tree may have on you can be different from others’ experiences. You must not compare their journey with yours. The healing powers of the tree can have different results on your issues, and those can vary from others. 

One of the reasons people feel a block in their happiness and positivity is because they don’t deserve the right to be happy, or there is a trauma in their past that does not allow them to fully immerse in happy thoughts. So, you should just focus on what you are trying to improve and do better in your life and not seek envy in other’s life. This way, you are blocking positive energy flow in your life. So, if this is the situation, then even having a gemstone tree won’t help.

If you want to be truly harmonious, balanced, and happy, then you need to remove this block from your mind and determine the goal that you are trying to achieve in your life. So that brings us to step number one.

Determine Your Goals Before Getting the Tree

The gemstone tree reacts to your vibes and energy. If you have well-defined goals in your mind, the healing crystals and stones of the tree will help you achieve them. But if you are unaware of what you want in life, then the tree may not be that useful. So, the first step is to define your goals. Are you aiming for more money or more love in your life? Is your goal to have a more peaceful journey in life or just to enhance your social life? Whatever your goals are, you must keep them in your mind clearly to put your focus and concentration on them.

If you want, you can also write them on a plain sheet of paper and put them up somewhere in a place you see every day so you can be reminded of your goals. Once you have the purpose defined in your life, it is time to get the tree that will help you achieve all these predetermined goals and become happier in life.

Set Up Your Space

Keeping the gemstone tree in a mess is not a great idea, to begin with. You must make a clear space in your home to feel the Benefits of Gemstone Trees. Showing appreciation for this advantageous tree is very important. You need to respect it and make the tree feel welcome in your place and your home. Go ahead with whatever place feels good for you or gives you the right signal. It is not important to have some fixed place for your tree. You can keep it where you feel it is closer to you.

Now there are many types of gemstone trees available in the market that you can get based on your goals. So, once you have decided on your goals, you can start looking for the right tree for yourself. You can find the right tree for yourself and get the right crystals to help you find your lost purpose and give you the right direction in life, such as agate, pearl, rose quartz, coral, and amethyst. 

These different crystals have different spiritual energies to impart, and you need to understand what works best for you. Most of these crystals help spread good vibes, healing, manifestation, good luck, fortune, wealth, prosperity in abundance, etc. 

How to Appreciate Your Gemstone Tree?

Since the tree is so giving in nature, once in a while, you need to give back to your tree to continue reaping its benefits. If you just keep taking from the tree, eventually, it will get empty and stop giving you results. It is important to refill the benefits of the gemstone tree & give it some of the love back. Just like a normal, natural tree that is present in our surroundings, this tree also flourishes on five key elements, and they are:

  • Generosity
  • Care
  • Warmth
  • Growth
  • Flexibility

You need to sit next to your tree and praise it and thank it for all the good that it has brought to you, and you want it to bring it in. Make sure that when you place the tree in a spot, it gets sufficient light and good air, just like a natural tree. You also need to keep the tree in an open space from time to time to let it breathe. The space around the tree should be clutter-free so that it can have ample space to resonate with your purpose and vibes.

Here are some directions that you can follow to keep the benefits of the gemstone tree coming for you and your life:

  • Place the gemstone tree in the northwest direction in your house or workspace if you want to see an improvement in your career or work life. 
  • For an enhancement in your love life or romantic life, you can place the tree in the southwest direction because that will attract love in your life.
  • If you place the tree in the southeast direction, then the tree will bring you more luck and wealth.
  • For an improved family bond, you must place the tree in the east direction.
  • Place the tree in the center of your house to get better health and vitality.
  • If you place the tree in the south direction, you will attract fame and reputation.
  • If the tree is placed in the northeast direction, it will help you gain more knowledge and become more creative.
  • Place the tree in the west direction if you want to improve your skills and become more inventive.


These are some of the most amazing purposes & Benefits of Gemstone Trees to help you find your purpose in life. The tree is believed to bring immense wealth and prosperity and help you through financial breakthroughs. You can get good fortune in abundance if you learn to take care of the tree and yourself. The multi-crystal tree will help you give a new shape to your life and take a new turn. This will make you mindful and stronger and erode mediocrity from your life.

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