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Ramazan is celebrated during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. This day is celebrated to commemorate the time when Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad and peace was bestowed upon him. During this time, Muslims usually fast from dawn to dusk. This festival is quite important in India and is celebrated with a lot of fun and enthusiasm. However, if you want to have a memorable Ramazan with your friends, here are some Ramazan Celebration Ideas for your family and friends

Celebrate Ramazan at Home with Your Friends and Family

Ramazan Celebration Ideas-Decoration at Home

Since Ramadan is a festive occasion, one of the best things you can do along with your family and friends to make this occasion more fun and exciting is decorating your house together. You can either buy decorative items from the market or use some DIY decoration ideas and make your house festive ready to make it look brighter. This time you spend with your family during the festivities will turn into a happy memory to be laughed about later together someday!

Ramazan Celebration Ideas-Cooking Together for Ramazan

Ramazan Celebration Ideas

Every festive occasion in India requires good food. There are a lot of specialities related to this day that you can cook at home. Another way you can make the Ramazan celebration fun and memorable along with your family is to cook the meals together. Everyone can contribute to preparing a three-course meal based on what they are good at. We are sure this ritual of preparing meals with one another will result in a lot of laughter and unforgettable moments along with your loved ones.

Ramazan Celebration Ideas-Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Ramazan Celebration Ideas

One of the most important traditions of any festival in India is the tradition of gift-giving. The same goes for Ramazan and Eid. You can order gifts online in India for your loved ones from FlowersnFruits. They have many options for Ramazan gifts online in India for your close ones. You can send mithai online to your family and relatives to wish them on Ramazan and a very happy Eid. They also have dry fruit baskets that will be a wonderful way to with your special ones on Ramazan. You can choose from different options such as soan papdi, Kaju katli, and many more sweets.

If mithai is not your first choice, you can also send chocolates online on Ramazan in India to your special ones and wish them the absolute best. They also have flower bouquets that make a great gift for almost every occasion and festivity. You can also opt for online fruit basket delivery for your friends and relatives to wish them on Ramazan and make their day as special as it can get with a simple and sweet gesture. They also offer same-day delivery to make online gift delivery easier for you.

Ramazan Celebration Ideas-Games to Play at Home

Ramazan Celebration Ideas

If your family and friends have come together after a long time on Ramazan, you should not let this time go waste and have all the fun you can with them. One of the best ways to celebrate Ramazan in a special way with your close ones is by playing some fun and quirky games. You can spend the nights fasting by playing some cool indoor games like Chess, Ludo, Cards, and more. You can also indulge in creative games like Guess the Movie/ Song, Memory Game, etc.

Ramazan Celebration Ideas-Dinner Night With Friends and Family

Ramazan Celebration Ideas

After all the fasting is done, the best way to celebrate the festival of Ramazan is by hosting a dinner party at your sweet abode. You can invite all your friends, family members, and relatives and host a simple and elegant dinner party and treat yourself to some delicious food. You can also circle around the potluck theme for the dinner party so that all the burden does not fall upon you. Everyone can bring a dish from their home and that way you all can taste different things on this festive occasion and enjoy a heartfelt meal after a long time.

Family Photo to Remember

Ramazan Celebration Ideas

Instead of the cliché selfies that everyone is posting, why not do something different for a photograph this Ramazan? You can invite a professional photographer and pose for several family photos that you can later boast and flaunt to your friends and relatives. We are sure this will be a wholesome experience that you and your family have together after a long time on the special occasion of Ramazan. You can all dress up in traditional wear and pose exquisitely for a family portrait that we are sure will turn out very royal and regal.

Movie Night With Family

Ramazan Celebration Ideas

If games’ night is not something your family will appreciate, there are some amazing movies out there that are made for occasions. You can watch some family drama movies with your family on the nights of Ramazan and enjoy a great meal alongside. You can prepare a list of movies that you can watch. There are a lot of comic and familial films that you can list out and have a movie marathon right at home. If you have a home theatre system or bass speakers, you can switch to those to have a more inclusive experience.

Ramazan Celebration Ideas-Giving Back to the Society

If giving back to society is something that you would like to be a part of, then you can also include it in some social work activities to celebrate the occasion of Ramazan. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a family or the resources to celebrate this day with the same joy and happiness. You can, however, add to their happiness and brighten up this festivity for them by giving them free food, clothes, or any necessary item that you feel will help them have a good day and make their celebrations better. Nothing better than this to do together as a family.

Ramazan Celebration Ideas-Henna Painting at Home

If henna painting is a tradition that you and your relatives follow in festivities, then why not do this together. You all can hire a professional henna artist to get it done for yourself and your family members. Or even better, you all can get a little creative and give your best attempt at doing this by yourself for each other. That will surely make it more fun and interesting.

Call Your Close Ones on Ramazan

Rear view of indian mother doing a video call with her husband and son. Young woman relaxing at home while on conversation with middle eastern man and smiling boy on digital tablet. Happy latin family in video conference through videochat.

If there are relatives who far from you, don’t forget to call them and wish them during Ramazan. We are sure that they will be happy to hear from you and appreciate that you were thoughtful enough to call them and wish them on such a special day.

That said, these are some of the best Ramazan celebration ideas that will make this festival so much more fun for you and your near ones. Don’t forget to collect your Eid money from your elders during all the festivities because the spirit of the festival is what it is all about! If you have some relatives living far off during this day, you can send gifts online in India to your loved ones from FlowersNFruits and wish them. We are sure they will be happy to receive a token of happiness and love from your end during Ramazan.

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