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Exchanging gifts on special occasions has been a tradition for ages. People love to make each other happy by giving them pretty gifts they might like. However, another aspect of gift-giving is wrapping gifts. Learning how to uniquely wrap your gifts to look presentable can seem quite a task. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some easy-to-do unique ways to wrap a gift for your close ones to make them feel special.

How to Wrap a Gift?

Try Tassels

After wrapping your gift with paper wrap, you can simply tie it up with a plain rope or a decorative ribbon. At the end of the wrapping ritual, you can take some tassels and group them. Once it is done, you can simply add it to the corners of your gift where you have tied the knot of the rope of the ribbon to give a remarkable finish to your gifting process. It will make your gift wrap so much better and more attractive.

Satin Ribbons

Instead of using plastic ribbons or ropes for tying your gift wrap around, you can also go for satin ribbons. These ribbons look quite chic and nice. They are available in many different colours, so you can go with multiple colours for the same gift or just one. You can also design a theme based on the occasion with the colour of your ribbons to make it look cuter and nicer.

Ways to Wrap a Gift-Paint The Wrapper

This is a great idea if you are very creative and, of course, good at painting (or not)! You can take a simple white wrapping paper or sheet and wrap your gift. Once done, you can take your paint colours and brushes and paint something festive or playful on the wrapping paper. You can also write festive greetings or wishes for the person who is on the receiving end. This will show how much effort you have put into your gift and wrapping.

Add Photos on the Wrapping Paper

A simple and decent way to bring out the most of your gift-wrapping experience is to add a polaroid photograph on your wrapping paper once you have wrapped the gift altogether. You can simply take a small picture of yourself and the other person and paste it on the gift wrap right in the front. You can also take a festive or general photograph like a sunset, sunrise, or something aesthetic if it is a general gift and not for a special occasion.

Customized Wrapping Paper

Nowadays, everything can be customized because of fantastic technology and printers. Anything that resonates or symbolizes the gift can be printed on your wrapping paper to make it look more fascinating and attractive to the receiver. You can also get your wrapping papers customized based on the occasions you are adhering to or the person you are giving the gift to. You can either get the person’s name on the wrapping paper along with a message like ‘Happy Birthday <name of the person>’ or a festive greeting like ‘May Your Have a Happy Diwali.’

Ways to Wrap a Gift-Beautify with Pom Poms

Just like you did with tassels, you can do the same with pom poms. They are the easiest way to boost up your wrapping game. All you have to do is tie them at the knots of the ribbons, and your job is done. You can also colour-coordinate the pom-poms because they can be made in different colours. They are available readily in the market as well. Or you can also make them on your own at home. They are quite easy to make by yourself. Just some wool and a little learning from the internet will help.

Make it Better with Leaves & Flowers

Another thing you can do with your gift wraps is decorate them with leaves and flowers. So basically, you just need to collect some leaves and flowers. Try not to pluck the leaves and flowers already growing on plants. Opt for the ones that have fallen. We are sure you will easily find plenty. Just wrap your gift with a white or cream-coloured sheet. You can also get a brown sheet to give it a forest-y look. And then, once you are done, you can paste flowers and leaves you have collected on the wrapped gift to make it look blissful.

Buttons Look Cute

After you have wrapped the gift, you can make it look more colourful and cuter by sticking buttons on the gift wrap. Don’t use plastic wraps for this process because they won’t look good with buttons. Just take a solid-coloured gift wrap and then stick buttons on top of it. You can use coloured buttons to add more brightness to the gift or colour coordinate according to the occasion, like you can go for red and white buttons if it is a Christmas gift. This process is also the same, just like leaves and flowers.

Old School Newspaper Wrap

A classic way to wrap a gift is to do it with an old newspaper. You can wrap your gift with an old newspaper and make it look sleek and pretty. Newspaper wrappings are an eco-friendly way to make your gift look pretty. Also, they look quite aesthetic if you give them a nice finish with buttons, flowers, leaves, tassels, and anything else to add colour to them. Plus, you won’t have to spend a penny on them because there are plenty of newspapers in our homes that we can use.

Brown Paper Bags

The same goes for brown paper bags as well. You can put your gift in a brown paper bag. They are readily available in the market, and if you have the time and skill, you can also fashion one at home. Also, you can reuse a brown bag you already have at home if you don’t want to waste it. Just put the gift in the bag, and then you can tie the upper part of the bag with a colourful ribbon or a rope. And at the ends of the ribbon, you can add tassels or pom poms to give it a final touch.

Ways to Wrap a Gift-Go with Polka Dots

Polka dots on fabrics, paper, wall surfaces, and almost anything look fantastic. They can make anything and everything prettier. You can use this technique to decorate your gift wraps as well. There are two ways to do this. You can either paint polka dots on plain wrapping paper. You can use different paints or themed colours for a special celebration. Also, you can make cutouts of circles in different sizes, stick them on plain paper, and then use that to wrap your gift.

Rhinestones to Add Sparkle

Rhinestones look very classy and are easily available in the market. You can simply wrap your gift with normal wrapping paper, take different colours and shapes of rhinestones, and stick them on the paper. You can use rhinestones to create different shapes, such as flowers or circles. This will give a 3D finish to your wrapping paper and make it look super classy and elegant. This decoration is highly recommended if you give gifts to your close ones on a festivity such as New Year’s Eve, Raksha Bandhan, and many more.

With Yarns

Yarns or woollen thread also make a great material to wrap your gifts and make them look pretty on the outside. All you have to do is put your gift in a solid box and cover it with a sheet of white or any solid-coloured paper. Then you can take the yarn thread and start rolling it around the sheet, every layer close to the previous one, so there are no gaps. This way, you can wrap the whole gift around these. This technique is only recommended for smaller gifts because for a bigger gift; this will take a lot of time.

Add a Personalized Note

Like the photographing technique, you can replace the photo with a personalized note and stick it on top of the gift you have just wrapped. This note will allow you to address your loved ones sweetly, and you can express how you feel about them elaborately. Along with the personalized note, you can add some other decoration pieces like tassels, pom poms, rhinestones, and many more. We are sure this will be a lovely surprise for them and the gift.


These are some of the most unique and creative ways to wrap your gifts and make them look special and elegant. However, every time one may not have the time to wrap a gift so nicely. At those times, we are here to help. You can send gifts online to your loved ones from our website, FlowersnFruits, and we will help you send fancily wrapped gifts to your close ones right at their home from our website. You can place an order for flowers and gifts right from your home, and your gift will be delivered wrapped beautifully to the desired location for your dear ones.

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