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We prepare long lists of gift items to shop for our partners and brainstorm ideas to impress our loved ones on Valentine’s Day, but we often forget to decorate our beautiful homes. 

The celebration of Valentine’s Day is not complete till we embellish our beautiful sweet abode and make it our dream destination to mark this auspicious day of love. We have perfect decor ideas for this Valentine’s Day that you can easily pull off without hassles and still make your home glow with sweet vibes of love. So, enjoy the festive spirit and fill your home with these awesome decor ideas!

Valentine’s Day Decor IdeasExpress your Feelings on Love Chalkboards

Leaving messages on chalkboards is always fun. And to add a romantic feel to your messages, get heart-shaped chalkboards. They are both fun and romantic, and they would look great as a decorating piece as well. Leave messages for your loved ones or express your feelings to them on these message boards. You can even use these boards to make your To-Do list, and this beautiful board will make even your work list look more attractive. 

Valentine’s Day Decor IdeasBeautiful Wall Art

Wall art decorations are best as they beautify the whole wall and brighten the entire room. So, browse for vibrant wall art options online and change the whole vibe of your room. You can even go for framed quotes, and it is up to you if you want to go for some inspiring love quotes or something different from the theme of the occasion. And the best part about having wall arts is that you can reuse them to brighten up every occasion. And you can even easily remove them without leaving any mark or scratch on your walls. 

Valentine’s Day Decor IdeasKiss Balloons

Balloons add a festive vibe to every location. And as the special theme of the occasion is love, why not decorate your place with tempting kiss balloons. If you don’t find these easily in the market, you don’t need to worry. Use regular balloons at home and work the magic of your bright red lipstick on them. Make sure you use light colors in balloons, preferably white. With this beautiful combination of red and white, your home will be ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  

Alphabet Vase

Personalized items are best for intimate occasions like Valentine’s Day. You can order vases according to your and your partner’s initials to give an intimate touch to your home decor. You can use alphabet vases instead of regular ones to add a festive vibe to hold your flowers. 

Valentine’s Day Decor IdeasRecycled Glass Tree Globes

These beautiful glass tree globes are made from a hundred per cent recycled glass to become beautiful art pieces. The branch of trees featured inside the globe symbolizes the love and support we give and experience in our relationships. So, decorate your home with this magnificent piece of art, and as they are not so themey, you don’t have to remove them, and you can celebrate your love forever. 

Valentine’s Day Decor IdeasPop-out Red and White with Linens

If you want to go for a theme-based Valentine’s Day celebration, you can use your linens to highlight the red and white colour theme. They will add a festive touch to the whole decor. And if you want to be subtle with the decorations, go for pink instead of choosing bright red. Make use of table cloths, napkins, hand towels of desired colours to bring out the festive colours in the whole house.   

Valentine’s Day Decor IdeasDecorate With Streamers

Any special occasion is incomplete without hanging streamers on your walls or windows. If twisted with elegance, they can change the whole vibe of the place. Prefer choosing soothing colours like pink to decorate the walls. And if you want to go for red, then make sure to add a good amount of white streamers to balance the hues perfectly.  

Valentine’s Day Decor IdeasFloral Wall Hanging 

Floral Wall Hanging
Floral Wall Hanging

Buy a bunch of flowers and separate all the stems to use them as a wall hanging individually. It is not very messy, and you can make your own floral hanging in no time. You can order your favourite coloured roses from FlowersnFruits and tape them individually on your wall. This would brighten up your living room like anything. And you can even use this beautifully decorated wall as a photo booth and click gorgeous pictures with your friends and loved ones. 

Valentine’s Day Decor IdeasLeave pink and white post-it notes

You can use even simple messages as a graceful home decor. If you are planning on a colour theme for the whole decoration, you can purchase your post-it notes accordingly. But if you are going random, then buy pink and while coloured post-it notes. They can never go wrong and will look graceful with any colour theme. You can express your feelings in these notes. Leave love messages and scatter them all around your place to bring about the sense of festivity. 

Valentine’s Day Decor IdeasSplendid Heart-Shaped Flower Arrangements 

Nothing can be more adorable than a heart-shaped floral arrangement. Embellish your walls with gorgeous flowers arranged in heart shapes. You can order flowers and arrange them yourself at home. Or, if you want to avoid the hassles of doing it alone, you can easily order them online. FlowersnFruits have the most beautiful flowers assorted in heart-shaped arrangements. You can even look for these arrangements in elegant heart-shaped boxes. At FlowersnFruits, we have these floral arrangements in many colours. You can opt for passionate red or soothing pink. We have even arranged mixed coloured roses because love has many colours!

Hang Petite Flower Baskets

Decorate your house with exotic flowers hanging in beautiful baskets. Every decoration is incomplete without flowers. So, order flowers online and arrange them in beautiful baskets. FlowersnFruits offer beautiful floral assortments in baskets to hang inside your house. So, add elegance to your home decor with fresh and aromatic flowers hanging beautifully in petite baskets. 

Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas-Set up indoor plants 

Indoor plants always give a refreshing feel to the home decor. So, if you don’t want to stick to the theme of Valentine’s Day and still want to add an elegant touch to your place, then flaunt your collection of indoor plants and embellish every corner of your house.  

Himalayan salt tequila glasses for your Galentine’s party

Valentine’s Day is not always about celebrating with your partner. If you are planning to have a girl’s party and celebrate Galentine’s Day at your home, then you can buy a set of exotic tequila glasses made of Himalayan salt. These gorgeous glasses will make your tequila experience extraordinary! So if you are planning to enjoy with your girl gang, then these tequila glasses are definitely worth a shot!

Set a soothing mood with Tealights.

Aromatic tealights are perfect to set a serene vibe at your place. You can place them near your centerpiece and decorated walls to enhance the effect, and your home will turn into a beautifully romantic place with a soothing fragrance.

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