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Before we get into the technicals of how to come up with decor ideas for your workspace, Imagine sitting in a boring meeting with boring grey walls and dull lights to accompany this set-up. Sounds lifeless, doesn’t it? Now picture this, a beautiful colorful wall with light accent colors, fresh green plants to add life, some favorite flowers of your choice for sweet fragrance. Lightens and brightens up your mood, right? That’s the power of d├ęcor!

A workspace can be an area where you study, run your business, or simply do your taxes. No matter what your workspace is ordained for, it should inspire ideas and creativity, motivate you to work, and still make you feel comfortable enough to go on working for a considerable amount of time. You are worth more than a plastic chair and a plain old desk stashed in a dull corner of a room. Now with the pandemic in the picture, working from home is more talked about than before. With that in mind, it’s time to concentrate on how we can make this more enjoyable and how we can successfully integrate our home and workspace both.

Before you ask, no – working from bed is not a good option. Your brain associates your bed with sleep. Hence, working from your bed would make you sleepy and unproductive. You would be tricked into lying down for a while, and the next thing you know is waking up from a 2-hour nap. Instead, you need a room well-lit with natural sunlight, a desk with a chair (an office chair if possible), and some decor items! Read along to know how to decorate your workspace.

Don’t skip your greens!

Potted Flowers

Add a dash of green to your workspace. Bring home some potted plants to keep near your workstation. Plants keep you calm and also purify the air. The mere presence of it gives out a sense of freshness in the air. Flowers are known to purify the air, too. Buy some blue orchids or yellow sunflowers and make your workspace clean and bright. Buy them from our collection. Succulents would make a great addition since they survive on low maintenance. So you won’t have to worry about tending to it a great deal. Win-Win either way!

Color Up with Decor Ideas

Colorless vs Colorful

Add some color to your workspace. Most of the time, the workspace tends to get dull. Replace that boring sofa with a hot-pink loveseat. Colour coordinate the curtains with the rug. Paint that beige wall a bright yellow! Okay, maybe not yellow. But you can choose a color of your liking that makes you feel bright and does not distract you as well. Play around with your creativity. The sky is the limit. If you’re looking to brighten up your room and are stuck, Flowers in a vase could be a place to start.

Workspace Decor Ideas

Decor ideas for the student in you

How about positioning your desk against a gallery of polaroids? Pictures of your friends, family, and loved ones add a personalized touch to the room and make you feel more welcome and accommodated. Use a wired wall grid for a minimalistic look or go with the traditional brown ones to give your room a more earthy look. Either way, pictures of your kin would keep you motivated. A good investment indeed.

A cozy sofa chair 

Sofa-chair by The Window

Sometimes you want to step away from your desk to relax a bit, maybe look at the sunset with a cup of warm tea in your hands. But where do you go? Invest in a cozy sofa chair. It fits perfectly into a nook near the window where you can relax with a throw blanket and catch up on a novel you forgot to finish. Make sure you keep them a little far away from your desk, though. It is easy to get carried away, and the next thing you know, you have taken a 2-hour break. Watch out!

A mini-library, maybe?

Decor ideas for your room

What better way to decorate your room than a heap of books? Install a mini-library in your workspace. There are hundreds of bookshelves to choose from. Moreover, you can organize your books based on color. This is will make your study space pop! Your workspace will end up looking organized, too. Also, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by books? Duh!

Illuminate the room

Dim vs Well-Lit Workspace

Lights! Lights! Lights! If you don’t have access to natural sunlight or if you like burning the midnight oil, lights are your go-to. This cannot be stressed enough – lights are a need as well as an aesthetic addition to your room because a brightly lit room will make you feel alert and hence increase productivity. But there’s a catch. Don’t ever install yellow lights in your study room. They make you sleepy and tired. Add lesser productivity to that list and watch the essence of a workspace go down the drain. You don’t want to sleep while working. Worse, you don’t want to sleep amid bright ideas or an important work meeting. Bottom line – No yellow lights!

Decor Ideas to Accessorize

Decor ideas for the living room

A few cute journals? Some fake plants? Flowers? Pen holders? Wire-organizers? You can never go wrong with desk accessories. If you have a small space, using desk organizers could help keep things in place and make the entire space look neat. Experiment with colorful accessories if you have a neutral space. Some bright red tulips would do wonders! Don’t be shy and go over the top. Buy them from our store!

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