About Us: FlowersnFruits


www.flowersnfruits.com is one of India’s largest flower delivery shops online. It is an online portal that offers a curated collection of fresh flowers, chocolates, dry fruits, various sweets and treats, and more! You can explore our range of fresh fruits and flowers and get them delivered to the doorstep of your loved ones. To address the gifting needs of the consumers, FlowersnFruits has brought several personalized products to cater to various occasions ranging from festivals, anniversaries, birthdays to every celebration in the life of a person.

You can also find perfect flower combos with delicious cakes, chocolates, and other merchandise. FlowersnFruits is one of the fastest-growing gifting companies in India that delivers gifts right at the doorstep of your special ones to make them feel even more special. 

Our Story

We started blossoming like a flower shop online with the spirit of entrepreneurship. However, with the seed of motivation and innovation, we extended our hands into the business firmly and decided to enhance our gifting range to fruits, chocolates, cakes, luxury gifts, and more. Today, we are a dedicated enterprise that delivers flowers and gifts with professional service to various locations around the globe. With every order, we tend to execute the delivery as an assignment to grow and ensure exceptional service.

Value for money and professionalism are the values that drive us to provide you breathtakingly beautiful flowers for gifting as well as decoration purposes as required. 

Our Core Values 

We believe in 5 key elements to be our core values and strive to follow them every day to operate effectively and efficiently in the industry. 

  • Character

It takes a lot of time to earn the trust of the people who buy from us, and we believe a business needs the trust of its consumers to exist and survive. That is why we take it personally to deliver you an amazing range of products and gifts in time to ensure that you have the finest experience here as a consumer. We believe in fair play and transparency. Our commitment lies in our words, and we believe in delivering what we promise. 

  • Emotion

We do not believe in selling products. The platform we have created reserves the emotions and compassion of people who put in thought to bring their loved ones a gift that will put a smile on their faces. To conquer this, we also put in our best foot forward to provide options that will fit right for the right people in your life and surely make them feel special.

  • Customer Oriented

A business is backed continuously by its customer base. We believe in critical feedback, accountability, responsibility, and responsiveness to feedback. We take the reviews of our customers seriously and take accountability for the feedback to ensure a better and enhanced experience for our customers every time they choose us for their gifting needs. 

  • Collective Learning

Learning never stops, and we strongly believe in becoming better to provide better. Our intake is to ensure better technical and operational support to our team and customers so that they have a much better experience when shopping with us.  

  • Continuous Growth

To ensure that a business does not come to a halt, it is important to practice innovation, experimentation, and continuous improvement. To strive towards continuous growth, we share and seek knowledge from our team of excellent executives and professionals and become finer as an organization each day into business.  

Our Vision

At FlowersnFruits, our vision is to provide you with the finest gifting options as well as ensure that the experience you have as a consumer while looking for the gift is stress-free and fun! We believe it takes time to embark on where we are planning to reach, and every day, we try to conquer smaller missions to achieve our one big vision!

  • Quality over everything is what we are here for. Our major aim is to ensure that you find the best quality products, including fresh flowers and fruits, dry fruits, gift hampers, personalized products, and more on our portal.
  • We also thrive to ensure customer experience while you pick a gift for your loved one. Our genuine interest is to build long term relationships with our customers so that when they think of getting a gift for their loved ones, they think of FlowersnFruits.
  • Adding value is crucial every time a customer visits our website. It is our obligation to ensure that customers find the right gift for their people and can get it delivered on time. So, we work extensively on our logistics and backend solutions as well to ensure smoother service.

Our Mission 

Our primary motive is to create an enhanced gifting ecosystem to help you find the right gift for your near and dear ones. We began as a team that can help you look for the gift that will put a smile on your loved ones; faces, and now we are here with an aim to provide to all your gifting needs at the same platform to become a one-stop destination. 

It is delightful to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. To make this experience of choosing the perfect gift for your friends and family, we aim to bring fabulous products on our portal, including flowers, cakes, chocolates, sweets, teddy bears, and more, to make it simpler and hassle-free for you.  

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