Flowers n Fruits, Legal Name Sai Floritech Pvt Ltd has blossomed over the years into the worlds finest floral kiosk. Pollinating their passion for flowers with their spirit of entrepreneurship, the promoters gave seed to Flowers n Fruits, sprinkling the venture with dedication and enterprise.

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Carnation flowers in Inida are as old as roses when it comes to gifting.

They are also called “The Flower of God”.

They are also popular as Mother Day Flowers because like mother’s love the carnations also lasts the longest among all flowers. Carnations come in variety of colors such as pink, red, white, green, purple and yellow. They symbolize love, fascination and admiration. Send carnations to your mother and grandmother on Mother’s Day and express succinctly how much they mean to you. You can also send carnations to your beloved and express hope that your relationship has the same longevity and resilience as that of the carnations.


Rs 1645

4 ft Tall..Breathless Flowers

Rs 7275

Sweet Beauty

Rs 875

New Begning

Rs 2825

Virgin Love Mixed Flowers

Rs 1015

Magic Of Red

Rs 1675

Glowing Carnations

Rs 725

Sparkling Pink

Rs 1155

Twisted Love

Rs 715

4 ft Tall ..Warm Welcome

Rs 6265

Charming Tower

Rs 4395

Graceful Bunch

Rs 685

Hearty Affair

Rs 985

One And Only

Rs 575

Spirit Of Spring

Rs 2925

3 ft Tall ..Warm Wishes

Rs 5275

No Words To Say

Rs 3295

Bloom Paradise

Rs 1635

Love Beary

Rs 925


Rs 825

Supernova Red

Rs 1675

Pure Romance

Rs 1485

Delicate Darling

Rs 545


Rs 599

Growing Up

Rs 995

Longing For You

Rs 1929

Choco Lovers

Rs 1455

Soft Heart

Rs 1745


Rs 2085


Rs 2349

Full of Love

Rs 799

Red Carnations & Rasugulla

Rs 1155

Flowers n Fruits

Rs 1555

Red Carnival

Rs 655

Pinkness Sweet

Rs 635

Vibrant Celebrations

Rs 2715

Rocher Carnations

Rs 1985

Beauty of Redness

Rs 625

Carnations Celebrations

Rs 1315

Dual Delight

Rs 1425