Flowers n Fruits, Legal Name Sai Floritech Pvt Ltd has blossomed over the years into the worlds finest floral kiosk. Pollinating their passion for flowers with their spirit of entrepreneurship, the promoters gave seed to Flowers n Fruits, sprinkling the venture with dedication and enterprise.

Get Well Soon Flowers Delivery in India

We offer a wide assortment of exotic fragrant flowers for you to select and send to convey your get well soon message.

Simply convey your wishes for a speedy recovery by just booking online for a bouquet of get well soon flowers. We ensure to beautifully arrange your selected get well soon flowers and deliver them to cities in India instantly. Make the most of our services by booking for our exclusive get well soon bouquet and enjoy great deals on it.

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Dreamland DreamlandBuy Now Buy Now


Rs 1758 /Rs 1255
Round Basket of 20 Pink Carnations with white fillers

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Splendid Beauty Splendid BeautyBuy Now Buy Now

Splendid Beauty

Rs 2535 /Rs 1949
Bouquet of 40 Red Roses in nice wrapping paper

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Sweet Beauty Sweet BeautyBuy Now Buy Now

Sweet Beauty

Rs 765
Bouquet of 15 Red Carnations in nice wrapping

Premium Orchids Premium OrchidsBuy Now Buy Now

Premium Orchids

Rs 725
Bouquet of 5 Purple Orchids in nice wrapping

New Begning New BegningBuy Now Buy Now

New Begning

Rs 4115
3 Ft Arrangement of Mixed 40 Gerberas & 25 Carnations

Someone Special Yellow Roses Someone Special Yellow RosesBuy Now Buy Now

Someone Special Yellow Roses

Rs 1455 /Rs 1299
Basket of 25 Yellow Roses with greens and yellow paper

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Smile Please Smile PleaseBuy Now Buy Now

Smile Please

Rs 2049
Bouquet of 8 Purple Orchids , 6 Inches Teddy & 1/2 Kg Black forest cake

Touch of Spring Touch of SpringBuy Now Buy Now

Touch of Spring

Rs 2275 /Rs 1635
Bouquet of 5 Stems of White Lilies in nice wrapping

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Perfect Choice Perfect ChoiceBuy Now Buy Now

Perfect Choice

Rs 629 /Rs 565
Bouquet of 12 Red & White Roses with greens and nice wrapping paper

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Perfect Composition Perfect CompositionBuy Now Buy Now

Perfect Composition

Rs 869
Bouquet of 18 Red & Yellow Roses with White Fillers in nice wrapping paper

Sweet Surprise flowers Sweet Surprise flowersBuy Now Buy Now

Sweet Surprise flowers

Rs 549
Bouquet of 10 stems of Pink and White Gerberas in nice wrapping

Perfect Day With Flowers Perfect Day With FlowersBuy Now Buy Now

Perfect Day With Flowers

Rs 4255
Double Arrangement of 5 Yellow Lilies, 10 Yellow Gerberas & 10 Blue Orchids with green fillers in a Basket

Bunch of  love Bunch of  loveBuy Now Buy Now

Bunch of love

Rs 1999 /Rs 1675
Bouquet of 35 Pink, white, Red, Orange & Yellow Roses in nice wrapping paper

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Brilliant Shades Of Love Brilliant Shades Of LoveBuy Now Buy Now

Brilliant Shades Of Love

Rs 549
Bouquet of 10 Yellow Gerberas in nice pink Wrapping

Sparkling Red Sparkling RedBuy Now Buy Now

Sparkling Red

Rs 1255
20 Red Carnations with greenery in a Basket

Vibrant Love Vibrant LoveBuy Now Buy Now

Vibrant Love

Rs 699 /Rs 635
Bouquet with 10 Mixed Gerberas with Greens & Fillers in nice wrapping

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Brilliant Love Brilliant LoveBuy Now Buy Now

Brilliant Love

Rs 1450 /Rs 1199
Bouquet of 20 Mixed Gerberas in nice wrapping

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My Desire Flowers My Desire FlowersBuy Now Buy Now

My Desire Flowers

Rs 1545 /Rs 1099
Bouquet of 2 Pink Lilies & 8 Stems of Pink Roses with greens in nice pink wrapping paper

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Golden Glory Golden GloryBuy Now Buy Now

Golden Glory

Rs 2465
Bouquet with 50 Stems of Mixed Roses in nice wrapping

Little Happiness Little HappinessBuy Now Buy Now

Little Happiness

Rs 2259
Bouquet of 6 Orchids in nice wrapping & 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher

Magical Friendship Magical FriendshipBuy Now Buy Now

Magical Friendship

Rs 2675 /Rs 2249
40 Yellow Roses with greens in a glass vase

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Brillent Shine Brillent ShineBuy Now Buy Now

Brillent Shine

Rs 3375 /Rs 2849
Bouquet of 40 Yellow Roses with green & White fillers in nice wrapping

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Twisted Love Twisted LoveBuy Now Buy Now

Twisted Love

Rs 649
Bouquet of 12 Yellow Carnations with white fillers in yellow wrapping

Multiple Feellings Multiple FeellingsBuy Now Buy Now

Multiple Feellings

Rs 1475
Basket of 3 Yellow Lilies , 3 Purple orchids & 5 Red Roses with fillers

Love In Air Love In AirBuy Now Buy Now

Love In Air

Rs 699
Bouquet of 15 Yellow Roses in nice wrapping

Flower Power Flower PowerBuy Now Buy Now

Flower Power

Rs 2449
Bouquet of 50 Yellow Roses with white fillers around in Yellow Net

Tall ..Friendship Forever Tall ..Friendship ForeverBuy Now Buy Now

Tall ..Friendship Forever

Rs 4695
3 1/2 - 4 Ft Stand Arrangement of 100 Yellow Roses with greens

Running Success Running SuccessBuy Now Buy Now

Running Success

Rs 585
Bouquet of 12 Orange Roses with Green fillers

Ocean Love Ocean LoveBuy Now Buy Now

Ocean Love

Rs 999
Bouquet of 7 Purple Orchids in nice wrapping

Roots Of Friendship Roots Of FriendshipBuy Now Buy Now

Roots Of Friendship

Rs 2725
5 Yellow Lilies & 20 Yellow Roses in a Basket with fillers

Fresh Breath Fresh BreathBuy Now Buy Now

Fresh Breath

Rs 6575
Double Arrangement of 20 Yellow Lilies in a Basket

Golden Valley Golden ValleyBuy Now Buy Now

Golden Valley

Rs 1995 /Rs 1599
Bouquet of 5 Stems of Yellow Lilies with greens in Nice Yellow Wrapping Paper

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4 ft Tall ..Warm Welcome 4 ft Tall ..Warm WelcomeBuy Now Buy Now

4 ft Tall ..Warm Welcome

Rs 6899
4 ft Tall Arrangement of 10 Yellow Orchids, 10 Yellow Lilies & 20 Red & 20 Yellow Carnations with net.

Flower Tower Flower TowerBuy Now Buy Now

Flower Tower

Rs 1115
Basket with 20 Red Roses and green leaf ( As Image)

Sun Shine Sun ShineBuy Now Buy Now

Sun Shine

Rs 849
15 Yellow Roses with greens in a Basket (As Image)

Blossom Love Blossom LoveBuy Now Buy Now

Blossom Love

Rs 2445
Bouquet of 50 Red Roses with greens in Red Net Wrapping

Basket Of Cheer Basket Of CheerBuy Now Buy Now

Basket Of Cheer

Rs 995
Round basket of 20 red and yellow roses with fillers.

Bloomed Gerberas Bloomed GerberasBuy Now Buy Now

Bloomed Gerberas

Rs 629
10 Red Gerberas with greens in a nice wrapping (As Image)

Hearty Affair Hearty AffairBuy Now Buy Now

Hearty Affair

Rs 1075
Bouquet of 18 Pink carnations with nice wrapping

Impressive ImpressiveBuy Now Buy Now


Rs 1285
21 Yellow and Red Gerberas with greens in a Basket.

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