Flowers n Fruits, Legal Name Sai Floritech Pvt Ltd has blossomed over the years into the worlds finest floral kiosk. Pollinating their passion for flowers with their spirit of entrepreneurship, the promoters gave seed to Flowers n Fruits, sprinkling the venture with dedication and enterprise.

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Immerse Yourself in Beautiful Aromas.

Sending flowers to Mulund could turn out to be your best decision of the day.

Your feelings take an altogether different route, when they travel through the enigmatic paths of flowers. Flowers in Mulund are profound, and they can give a whole lot of meaning whenever and wherever they are presented, irrespective of who you present them to. They are a great source of inspiration, spiritual power, joy, sorrows and nostalgia. You can feel a sudden change in you, just by looking at them.

Celebrations for Every Occasion.

Mulund has been considered one of the biggest industrial cities where people come from various areas come and work. Industry and factory-wise, this is a place where people work for long hours and are subject to hectic schedules. Sending flowers in Mulund online to your colleagues or even your boss, can be a great stress buster and a much needed mood up-lifter. So go ahead, make their day right from the morning.

Flowers N Fruits Is Your Solution.

Our name is one which you can keep your trust in as far as providing great quality in every product delivered to you is concerned. Flowers N Fruits is that online flower shop in Mulund, which you can count on for any celebrations, occasions, special days and even normal days that you want to celebrate. You can even celebrate yourself - there is no harm in telling people that you have just bought a new house and you want a welcome party for yourself. Yes, anything related to flowers, cakes and gifts can be managed by us – make sure you check out all the other options that we have on the website and choose the ones that align best with your needs.

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Midnight Delivery
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Anywhere in India
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